14 October 2012

Micah's home!

Micah's home! Micah's home!

Its been a bad day. Apparently, I dropped my wallet last night. Someone found it but all the money was gone.. the last bit of money to my name. Luckily everything else was there, but when you're broke money IS everything.

Micah came home and of course he smells bad.. not like smoke this time, but like an old attic or something. His hair is so dry and knotted up. He has some diarrhea and he's feeling warm.

Ok, why is my son sick and stinkin after every visit with his sperm donor?  That tells me my child isn't getting even a good quality of care when he's not with me. Just hoping he doesn't have a fever tomorrow. Its the first day of class!

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Hair typing.

I so badly want to make a youtube video about this... your hair type, curl type, curl pattern, whatever you want to call it is of little to no importance in regards to hair care. The purpose of categorizing hair is strictly cosmetic and a marketing ploy.

If youre trying to create a hair care regimen, look at your individual hair, not a type. Decide what your hair needs. Is it dry? Is it fine? Is it thinning? Frizzy? Thick? etc.. In my opinion, hair porousity should be placed way before curl patterns. Hair porousity, in my own terms, is the rate at which your hair can hold water.. I'll try to explain. I have low porousity hair. My hair does not easily absorb moisture, but it also does not readily let it go. Many products just seem to sit on top of my hair without moisturizing. Another girl has high porousity hair. Her hair absorbs much faster than mine, but has a much harder time retaining that moisture. Now, let's say she and I have the same hair type. Ideally, we should use the same products? Wrong. Our processes and products will be different simply because our porousity levels are much different. Then you have to take into account the differences of our strands. I have medium-thick high density hair. She has fine, low density hair. Our individual hairs are not going to respond the same way to the same things.

I actually experienced this with a girl that sat next to me in class who was also was transitioning. Coincidently, we both had similar hair patterns: super defined coils, which I think is between 3c and 4a. Irrelevant. She loved Shea Moisture products, but my hair hated it. Her hair felt soft and moisturized, while mine was dry and crunchy..  even for styling purposes, my hair is thicker and more coarse, so mine held styles longer than her fine hair

Curl typing is really only useful during those few months in transitioning when you want to know what your hair is going to look like. Or after you've big chopped and you want to know what your hair will look like lol. Other than cosmetic, it really isn't that important.. If you're like me, your hair seems to fit into all of the categories from 3b all the way to 4c.. so, how would I buy products or care for my hair when it can fit into all the hair types?

It can be fun to learn about curl patterns and finding people with similar hair structures, but don't stress too much if you can't figure it out. If you're transitioning, you really won't know what your hair is like until you cut off the relaxed ends; I can attest to that lol. Also, if you big chopped, your hair will change as it gets longer. I'm not saying don't try to figure out your curl type. Learn everything you can about your hair. Just.don't stress over it and base your product selection and care on the way your hair curls up.

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Task: combat dry hair

Ok, so my hair has been super dry and rough since my big chop Wednesday. Granted, my hair may naturally be rough, its still way too dry.

I found pure coconut oil (not extra virgin..) at kroger last night. A pretty good sized jar by lou ana for 6 bucks. They also had grapeseed oil and some others that I will be going back for later. Ok, so I took a hunk of coconut oil, some olive oil and canola oil then warmed it and spread it all throughout my hair and massaged my scalp for a few minutes. TIP: massaging the scalp will stimulate blood flow which in turn stimulates healthy hair growth. Don't get too rough or you may damage your hair in the process.

I left the oil on wrapped in a plastic bag overnight. When I woke up my hair felt really soft (and greasy lol). I immediately started working on my deep conditioning mask. I prefer using natural products so for my conditioner I used: 1 egg, a jar of squash baby food, lemon juice, olive, canola, coconut and a little sprinkle of sesame seed oil, then I mixed in 3 spoons of yogurt. I warmed it in the microwave because its very cold. If you're going to do that, be careful not to cook the egg! I applied the mix right on top of the oils in my hair, then wrapped it in another plastic bag and a towel to help hold in the heat. Its not a thick mask, like a like it, but I skipped the fenugreek to see if that would make a difference.

I used the squash, in case you're wondering, because it is filled with keratene (spelling? that stuff in carrots) and super infused with vitamin a, which is great for hair growth. I don't know if it'll make your hair grow faster, but atleast it will be healthy, at whatever rate your hair grows. If you are trying to grow your hair faster, I'm sure using this or similar recipes won't hurt as it is all edible lol.

I fell asleep so I left the yogurt mix on my hair for maybe an hour. O dunno cause I fell asleep lol. Anyway, after I rinsed and co-washed my hair felt really soft. I sprayed on the aussie hair insurance then massaged my oil mix onto my scalp and hair... ok, then the problem started. I called myself sealing my hair with the Beautiful Textures curl creme. My hair started feeling hard... maybe I'm not using it in the right order. I dunno.

I made a mix of my own that I'll use. I'm just going to take both products back to sallys. Someone stole all the money from my wallet, so I need that cash back anyway to get diapers for my Micah

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