29 December 2012

White men, black hair

So, I was with my white guy friend earlier and he was sticking his finger in my hair. He said, "I'm trying to see if its grown any." I laughed and pulled a few strands and said "you have to do this to see how long it is." He just looked at my hair and said wow lol.

I didn't go into great detail, but I did sort of explain that my hair is like a slinky. Its incredibly curly, so its going to shrink up looking shorter than it really is..

He started to ask me about some styles, but I explained to him that I'm lazy and will probably sport a fro most of the time. He says he really likes my hair. He likes how it frays out at the top and the constant "unkempt" (my.words not his) look. Before anyone gets offended, my hair is very unkept lol. I cowash, detangle, then toussle thru some gel.

Ok, I'm tired. Got work in the morning, blah....

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28 December 2012


I waited nearly a week for a 200 dollar check and its gone.. you always imagine what you're gonna do with the money when you get paid, then reality hits you quick. You owe this, you owe that, everythings late..

I just can't seem to get ahead.. it is so depressing. I wish my son's dad wasn't such a mother fucker.. a sergeant in the army making now 4,000 a month, yet can't afford to help with my son's finances... bullshit. I make 800. What the Hell am I supposed to do with that? I can barely support myself, but with a child?

We went back to court and my child support is most definitely going up.. just gotta wait for it. I don't really have a choice.

Anyway, just needed to vent. Put 50 down on my car payment that's now 3+ months overdue. It just got to me a little.. I love my son, but I'm not used to this kind of living. Sometimes, I wonder if any of this is worth it. If I could turn back time, I'm not sure I would do any of this again.. atleast not this way.  

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26 December 2012

on the couch..

Watching this movie, "the midnight meat train" with this greek yogurt mask on my head. Its kinda gruesome; the movie, not the hair mask..

As far as the yogurt goes, I decided to wash my hair with my loreal sulfate free reconstructive shampoo, then applied the yogurt, olive oil, fenugreek mix..

This movie though, is kinda creepy.. not sure what to think. Micah went to bed super early, so thought I'd finally watch this thing.. might have a little drink to compliment the movie.

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Location : 2403-2423 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040,

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Location : 2403-2423 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040,
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CG wk 3, day something.

My mom came up to me a couple of days ago and started playing around in my hair, then she says "ooh, its like super tight coils".. I almost wanted to say duh, but not too long ago I didn't have.a clue what my natural hair was like either.. she then asked me why I don't get those twists in it, which I responded with "because I don't have twists money, nor do I have the patience to do it myself". My main concern now is growth, not style. 4inches is not enough for someone as lazy as I am to worry about styling lol.

Just by looking, I can't tell a great difference in definition, not to say there isn't one, but I can definitely feel where my coils and naps are more clumped and sturdy.. yea, that sounds like a good adjective

In other news, today/yesterday was.christmas. yea, it kinda sucked. Not much to say really, then I went to work. Just getting home now. Too tired to enjoy a self pity party, but feel I should chug down a few celebratory shots since I'm childless for the night.. grr.

Back to hair for a moment, I have been slacking on the GHE. I don't use oils or anything since I cowash my hair practically everyday. I think that's the classic way of doing the GHE. There are a lot of modified ways to do everything.

I guess that's enough for now. I'm tired. 

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18 December 2012

Curly girl: week 2 day 2

Can I just mention really quick, my hair has so many fewer knots, its ridiculous. I know that didn't make much sense, but I haven't had to comb my hair in a week.. ok, to be fair I never really combed my hair before, but even finger combing/detangling is so quick. I basically just detangle as I'm cowashing.. granted, my hair is still significantly short.

I'm not sure but I think my hair is also more elastic.. but it does feel like there's a film on it. That could be from the olive oil spray I made.

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17 December 2012

Curly girl/GHE: week 2 day 1

I know I'm all over the place with this one.

My first week doing the curly girl has been ok. I stopped using the tresseeme split remedy and actually, I've stopped using anything in my hair outside of conditioner and a little oil. I have definitely noticed my hair is beginning to feel softer and moisturized longer. I can't tell if its doing anything for curl definition, but I suppose that'll come later. I just want to say though, I don't expect it to fo much for my afro and scab hairs. I just don't believe there is any way to permanently change your curl pattern without force of tools and chemicals. If that's your goal, then you're going to be disappointed. You can't make define curls that don't exist.

I've also been baggying my hair every night to help promote growth, moisture and length retention. Some people complain about a smell, but I haven't noticed. I'm trying to avoid baggying up my hair too moist because I don't want my scalp getting all soggy from being wet all the time. While I want my hair to be moisturized, its important to let your hair and scalp dry. Imagine when you're in the tub too long, how pruny your fingers get. now imagine your scalp doing the same. You probably also don't want the salt deposits from sweat sitting on your head too long. that isn't scientific, that's just me. I'm not concerned really with the.salt because I find myself cowashing practically everyday. Hopefully in another week or two I'll start to notice a difference with both techniques.

Ive been combating that by focusing more on the growth aspect. Last night I baggied my head up without water, but I did massage a tiny bit of oil in my scalp.

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15 December 2012

14 December 2012

Potty training/ hair day

Well, today, I officially began potty training my son... so far, um.. well, he peed on the floor next to the potty and dropped a turd on the floor in his room. However, he did pee in it once and he did say poopoo.. he just doesn't want to sit on the potty for some reason. If anyone has any advice or tips, I'll accept it graciously! 

Bought him some pull ups yesterday to use at daycare (along with 4 new conditioners which I will do reviews on later). Those things are such a rip off; the pull ups, not the conditioner. He's been running around here naked and so far so good. Well, good for our first day haha.

In my hair life, I used my fave hair essential, yogurt, on my head wrapped in plastic bags. In that mask I added honey, grapeseed oil, and cinnamon. The honey and cinnamon are natural hair lighteners, but I use them for other reasons. The honey is natural cleanser and humectant for moisture and the cinnamon supposedly stimulates hair growth (yep, I'm still on that kick). The grapeseed oil is a great source of vitamin e, so I thought I'd try something different from olive oil, which I personally don't see the big deal about.

I didnt wash my hair with shampoo. Just the conditioner. The yogurt and honey serve as cleansers, plus the vo5 suds up enough to be a shampoo (although, it is sulfate and cone free, and curly girl friendly). Hopefully my son will be potty trained when I come back for my product review of the suave naturals.

Just a quick note before I go: my hair is so much more clumpy. I haven't noticed my hair being anymore moisturized, but its only the first week of me jumping on the curly girl bandwagon. I really hope this method works for me. I'd love for my curly bits to be more apparent and my afro textured hair to not be so frizzy and dry.

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12 December 2012

Leopard adopts baby baboon

 Here's a cool YouTube video 

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Greek yogurt mask

I'm back. I'm sitting under this dryer with my yogurt mask on while my babe is asleep. Most recipes don't require heat, but I'm using it.

I decided to try greek yogurt this time. Mainly because I couldn't find a small cup of plain at Krogers. I also mixed in one egg, a bit of olive oil, honey and 3 capsules of fenugreek (I only used half of one of those small cups by the way. Still in twa phase, remember haha).

I'm probably not going to shampoo. I dunno yet. If I do, I'm going to use my loreal sulfate free reconstructive with the conditioner. No, it isnt cg (curly girl) friendly but it works for me so I'm keeping it. The only bad ingredient in it is mineral oil towards the bottom of the list.. I guess I could try the suave naturals rosemary mint conditioner. Suave naturals has had pretty good reviews.

I want to say real quick, if you're going to use heat, don't use a lot. I mean, if you're using egg you risk cooking it on your head lol.

Hours Later...

My hair is well on its way back to softness! You see what product junkiness can do to you? I should have never steered away from what works..

Unfortunately, I did get bits of egg in my hair but I'm not worried about it. I opted out of the shampoo. The vo5 is sudsy like soap so I figured it can clean my hair good enough. Plus, I just shampooed a day or two ago. I did use my loreal rosemary mint conditioner though.

I incorporated one of the curly girl principles, applying the conditioner to soaking wet hair and leaving it on (I used the vo5 cause its thinner), then dried with my tshirt. I squirted on my leave in (olive oil, conditioner, and water) then sealed with my garnier sleek and shine leave in.

I've noticed my hair is starting to clump up without effort. So, I'm guessing my curly/coily bits are responding well to the cg method. I'll update more on this in a few weeks: does the curly girl method work on black (type 4) hair?

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Location : 2403-2423 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040,
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A new transitioning phase

I've been evaluating my hair a lot lately.. I went from not caring to suddenly being obsessed all over again..

After some research, I decided to give the curly girl method a try. I'm not doing it hardcore right now. I'm simply "transitioning" into it by slowly eliminating cones from my products. I'm not tossing that big bottle of tresemme yet!

What I am doing is using it as my prewash prior to using a light amount of shampoo. I mean, no doubt the split remedy has greatly improved my level of breakage. I have virtually none right now.

Gel isn't helping my hair, the leave in (infusium, which contains dimethicone) definitely wasn't helping, so obviously I need to try something new. Its been 2 or 3 days and everyday I adjust it. last night I used the vo5 moisture milks as a leave in. I added it to my spray bottle as well. I dried my hair with my tshirt, then baggied it up for the night.

The frizz is still there but I'm not doing it full force. My curly buts do seem more apparent, but I dunno about moisturized. I still have to implement the weekly conditioning treatment. I bought the yogurt last night and will go back to my yogurt honey and egg treatment. My hair was much softer then. Granted, it is winter now, but no excuse! My hair should be soft and soupple at all times! Lol, jk

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11 December 2012

Hair typing, again....

I ran into the natural girl at work. (youtube is younique098... I think). We started talking and she called my hair 4c/4d. I've never heard of 4d before that moment. I don't disagree with her, because I most definitely have afro textured hair, but looking at the hair typing charts, I have all the patterns on my head. Just looking at that chart I found on some website today (I forgot already. I'll edit it in later), I definitely range from atleast 3c to 4c.. well, I suppose 4d too, whatever that is.

I'm still not really swayed by the importance of hair typing. I know my hair is frizzy and afro textured with lots of little curly, coily bits and chunks thrown in. Anyway, nothing important, just saying. She seems like a nice person and I a little jealous that her hair seems to keep a style. Mines just a fuzzy, cotton ball.

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10 December 2012

Dog imitating baby

If you like those annoying cat videos, you oughta like this Here's a cool YouTube video 

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08 December 2012

TRESemme professionals split remedy: day 2

Ok, my initial reaction, not so.good, but I'm gonna say, using it for the second time its not so bad.

My hair didn't feel as brittle with it on there. After I rinsed, it wasn't necessarily soft but compared to that first day its much better.

Right now I'm doing the baggying thing again. I haven't done it for a couple of months, excluding the past couple days of the deep conditioning and hot oil treatment. I don't have anything on my head; no product, no oils, nothing. I dried out most of the water, wrapped my head in two plastic bags, then added a tshirt for extra. I want to create the humid environment for growth, but also want my hair to absorb water. ok, that last part is a lie. I just want the humidity to promote growth lol. I'm just sick of short hair.

Yes, there is technically nothing I can do to make my hair grow faster. That doesn't mean I wont try dammit!

Anyway, yea. I think I'll stick with the tresemme a little longer to see how it fairs. I don't plan on washing my hair everyday, I just wanted to wash that gel out before trying something new tomorrow.

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Queen helene; smooth n shine

Well, the queen helene didn't help with my moisture problem. I won't go as far as to say its crap, yet.

I guess I just need to go back to using yogurt as my conditioner. Too much protein right now. I left a little bit of the restorative vo5 in my hair as a leave in then sealed with my oil mix. Used the smooth n shine curl activator gel. I've never used an activator gel so I can't really say how good or bad it is. My hair isn't as dull as it was yesterday. I dunno if my curls are activated. I might try mixing it with the Shea moisture curling souffle just to see what that does.

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07 December 2012

Initial Review: TRESemme spilt remedy conditioner

Ok, I couldn't stand it any longer. I must say something about this tresemme conditioner...

Ok, good points: light, pleasant fragrance. Thick, sort of.. um, got it on sale for 2.99 at walgreens.

Ok, now for the bad: it had mo slip at all. My hair kept knotting up the whole time. I rinsed and my hair felt worse than after I rinsed out my vo5 which I used as my prepoo. Ugh. So I added a more generous amount, as the instructions stated. Left it in a bit longer, maybe 5 minutes. I thought maybe it could be working.. I rinsed, plopped, removed my tshirt and... crap. Well, hold on. My curls did look more defined but my hair felt very horrible. Matted, dry even though it was wet.. so, I proceeded to add the queen helene cholesterol hot oil treatment. I've used that product while relaxed and had great results. Anyway, not about that.

I will continue to use this, just in case it does help with my ends. It is NOT a good moisturizing conditioner or detangler, but it'll take a couple uses before I'll know if it helps strengthen my ends. I dunno about dry, but after rinsing my curls were more defined which is a plus. After one use, I'm not considering purchasing again, but I will give it a fair trial.

I really don't have very damaged ends, but preventing them is a key in length retention I think. If you're considering this product and go by hair types, my hair ranges from 3b to 4c, with about an inch of relaxed ends at the top.

I will be doing more reviews in the near future and might start doing some youtube videos soon as well.

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Product Review: creme of nature argan oil intensive conditioning treatment

I haven't posted in a while. I kind of fell off the wagon of natural hair care and journey, but I'm semi back now. I've tried a couple of products since my last post but haven't found anything wow worthy yet.. now, when I say a couple I mean that literally. If you've read any of my past posts you know how I feel about all this hair junk stuff. I like reading reviews and i on and off watch youtube videos, but I just can't get with it all..

Anyway, so I bought this deep conditioning treatment by creme of nature. You know, the one in that eye grabbing red package. I've never tried anything in their line, but I thought I'd give it a whirl. I hadn't done a deep conditioning treatment in a while and thought I'd see what all the hubbub was about with the argan oil craze. I remember watching a youtube video by (can't remember her name, but she's pretty popular), and she seemed to like it..

Its crap. Plain and simple... it went on great, don't get me wrong. My hair was smooth and that slip affect that everyone talks about was great. Maybe my mistake was leaving it on overnight, which I've never done by the way, but I thought it just felt so wonderful on my hair. I rinsed it out the next morning... not impressed, at all. The organic olive oil whatever (you know which one I'm talking about) is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... much better. All day today my hair has been frizzy and not dry but it had a dry sensation.. I dunno if that made sense, but I can't describe it. I suppose it did make my hair a bit stronger, but that was completely overshadowed by the frizziness of my hair. I just looked like a girl that was overdue for a relaxer not someone who's natural.

Now, I did also change my leave in (usually garnier sleek and shine cream) to infusium 23 frizz controlller, so honestly it could be either one. I choose to believe it was the creme of nature because my hair didn't feel very good after I rinsed.

Yea, so definitely not repurchasing that. If you want to try it, then by all means. If hair type is important in your decision, I am low porous 3b thru 4c with about an inch of relaxed ends at the very top.

My search continues for a good, cheap deep conditioner. I'm tired of this twa business so I gotta get thru this phase as quickly and easily as possible. The olive oil pak is alright, I just wonder if there's something better. Right now I'm under the dryer with queen helene cholesterol hot oil so I'll review that tomorrow.

A quick peek at my next review: TRESemme split end repair conditioner.... Uh, no. I'll use it a couple more times before I fully decide. The infusium worked wonderfully in my son's, who's mixed, hair. His curls have been shiny, smooth and moisturized all day. 

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Location : 2403-2423 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040,

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Location : 2403-2423 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040,
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