19 October 2012

Ignorant insults

Last night, my neighbors, the horrible ones downstairs that I'm 100% sure had something to so with my money stolen from my wallet, came home and were angry about something.

I could hear them yelling outside about a no-haired bitch, white guys, and some mention of a gang bang. I'm certain they were speaking about me..

Really, the only thing I want to say about this is, there's a difference between being bald and being deliberate. I cut my hair because I wanted to. Considering both of their girlfriends wear weaves and relaxers, I don't imagine they understand, especially since my hair was both longer and thicker until about two weeks ago.

It hurts a little yea, but I smile because I know what my hair looks like, and I like it. One of my white (well, he's hawaiian) friends was over and before all of that, he said he liked it. In fact, all of my non black friends have told me how much they like my hair and my cut.. kinda sad, actually. Black men are about the only ones with nothing good to say, but all the naysayers only motivate me to keep going harder on this natural hair journey 

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Facial treatment

I have just found a more productive way to use my aloe vera gel - on my face!

I mixed together a little aloe vera gel and lemon juice, then spread it over my face after a shower. It stung a little, but not too bothersome. Left it on for so.e odd amount of time... 20min? It felt tight, but not do much that I couldn't move it. I rinsed with warm water and can I say, my face feels fantastic! Very smooth and soft, tighter.

Both the aloe vera and lemon have astringent properties and help with acne scarring. The aloe also aides in moisturizing, as we know from using in our hair. Aloe vera also helps with cell regeneration which helps our skin heal scars, perfect to compliment the natural skin lightening abilities of the lemon. Yay! Its recommended use is 2-3 times per week, but my skin is looking super pitiful lately.

I want to find a natural way to decrease dark under eyes. Once my cetaphil runs out, I'll start using cocoa butter to moisturize my skin. Using that in my hair also has a positive affect on my hands. I'm going to tamper with a few things and do an update.

Next, I'll try baking soda as a facial scrub!

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Baggying and other hair stuff

I've been trying that baggying method, not sure if I mentioned that already.

The jist: baggying is placing a plastic cap (or bag, or wrap) on the ends of the hair or whole head to create a steaming affect on the hair. From what I understand, its ok to do it the ends of the hair everyday, but not the whole head. Don't quote me on that.. just listen to your hair. Don't risk over moisturizing it by ignoring its signals.

Anyway, slowly, my low porous, thick, newly chopped hair is beginning to feel softer. I've also incorporated a couple of other things to help moisturize my hair, thus a semi regimen is being born.

I've been doing the baggying thing quite a bit. Mostly when it starts to feel dry. I'm still working on a schedule with that as I work on balancing my moisture levels. I'm doing a hot oil treatment once a week and deep conditioning once a week, but not on the same day.

Also, I'm wetting my hair everyday. It basically simulates watering a flower. I found a video on youtube suggesting drenching the hair everyday. We'll see how it does after a month. Ill post it if I see it again. I know I sent it to twitter.

I feel like my hair is getting longer. Not from the techniques, but just growing faster in general. It could just be me finally adapting to having short hair. I always felt like I had fast growing hair, but because my hair was relaxed and never got passed my shoulders, I dunno. My grandma says her hair grows fast and my other grandma is cherokee so I imagine her hair grows fast too. Not gonna lie, I'm hoping those genes have been passed to me lol. If I do notice some significant growth over the next month or two, I'll post a detailed blog of what I'm doing. 

Another update, I created my own hair butter using cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, olive oil, and cinnamon. I added water too to help soften it up. I've only used it twice but it seems ok. After the Shea moisture and cantu trials, I'm not sure if I'll go the shea butter route. Plus, a stick of cocoa butter is readily available and only a dollar.

Because of the cinnamon, I'm not going to use the mix in Micah's hair, its a little potent; too strong for children or the tender headed. Its supposed to help with hair growth, and apparently hair lightening. Hair coloring isn't my goal, but I guess I won't complain if it happens, that is, if it helps my hair grow faster haha.

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Mitt Romney style (parody)

 Here's a cool YouTube video 

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