24 May 2009


Well, I'm at work right now. I've been pondering over changing the name of my store/website. I want something a little more appealing to the eyes and ears. A name that is simple, but easy to remember and charasmatic. I also want something that kind of gives an idea of what kinds of thing i sell on there. So far, I'm thinking of like Dani Lanae's or D. Lanae's Fashions.. A few people like Dani For Sale lol. I dunno; I really have to sit and think of this.

I also found someone that designs her own street wear so I need to sit down with her and m ake a deal. I want to sell her stuff and feature her as a designer on my site. I'm also going to work onsome business cards this week to start passing out around school and stuff.

In other news. I moved into my new apartment with my friend and her daughter. It's kind of small, but I'm happy I have my own place again. They aren't staying long so I think I can manage. Tomorrow I'm gonna bomb the place while I'm at a barbeque.

I also went out a couple times in the week and met a couple of guys. I've been reading my Steve Harvey book Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man; I think its really helping me. One guy is 40, divorced with 3 kids (no, I havent run for the hills, but I do have on my Nike's just in case) and the other one is 27, but I don't know much about him. We haven't talked much.

Anyways, I better get back to work. I can't wait to eat some sushi. A girl went out to grab some.. Mmmm, I love it!

19 May 2009

new eBay listings

Even though these items are listed on my website, I decided to put a couple of eBay as well. And even though I have the link to my website on this blog, I am going to blog about my items now being auctioned on eBay lol

Right now I have the plus sized tube tops on there. I only posted 3: two black and one white. Hopefully at least one will sell. I posted them for only 5 dollars. So, I may lost a little money if one sells, but I will at least be getting my products on the market.

In other news, I found a new apartment! So, I and my store will be moving to a new location. I'm not sure how the internet thing is going to work, but ill figure it out. Since the rent is cheaper, I may be able to afford a cheap internet connection.

That's all that I have. If you'd like to take a chance and bid on the top at the super low price, feel free to. I have more in shop but they are running for 12 dollars.

14 May 2009

ahh, success

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day.

I sold my first item from eBay (the item was also featured on my website so, i consider it to be a double accomplishment). I sold some jeans to a woman in North Carolina. I'm going global!

I also almost killed myself, my friend and her daughter. Nothing major; just almost drove over a mini cliff and drove into the back of at least 3 different vehicles.

After our adventures of visiting the post office and almost dying, we went to a bar and played a few rounds of pool. I didn't think I was going to have as much fun as I did.

Well, that's all I have for now. Make sure y'all keep checking back, not only to read about me, but to get the latest news on my store as well

10 May 2009

10 May 09

well, i managed to survive the weekend at work. I didnt have to work with my ex or his new girlfriend so I was pretty happy. I did see my newest ex, which upset me. I've learned my lesson not to date people I work with.

I was leaving work when I saw him sitting in our info booth in front of the building. I was heated. Well, i've been talking to this soldier who had earlier asked me to hang out with him and a few friends in his company. I wasn't going to until I saw Levi (that's his name).. I was pretty tired from being out late.

I'm still waiting on some of my shipments. I'm so excited. I have people looking at my site, which is good. I just wish I could get people to buy stuff! granted I only have two items to choose from.... Two of the things I ordered were out of stock so I'm a little short. Oh well..

That's it for now. I will be updating again, so check back soon! I should have updates on my inventory or you can check my site Danielle Has Stuff for pricing and more pics.

later y'all

06 May 2009

Womans tops and jeans!

Well, I have some new things up for sale!! Ive got some cute, stretchy Cato jeans. They are slightly high waisted if you want to tuck in that tummy but look really good on your butt. Perfect for those "I'm so bloated" days. I also found them to run a little bit big. I wear a 13 but was able to get into a 10 comfortably. So, if you put on a couple of pounds they will still fit! I suggest hanging these jeans up to dry after washing to prevent any shrinking. They have that stylish "dirty" look to them and will go great with the tops that I have on sale as well. the tops are V-necked from the front to the back. The back also features a tie-up. The sides have that scrunchy look which is great for making your waste look smaller and you figure more curvy. They are tight fitting shirts.

In my jeans, I have one size 8, one size 12, five size 14, one size 16, one 16W and one 18W. I priced these jeans at 15 dollars

In my tops, I have small through large, 2 of each. These tops are 10 dollars each.

I will have more inventory soon, so please if you like what you see or my prices, check back again very soon!

If youre interested in purchasing a pair or want updates of future inventory, email me at: danielle.baylor@gmail.com. or visit my auction for ebay: http://store.auctiva.com/db931