06 April 2009


well, things for me havent been going very well. originally, i created this blog as a way to advertise for the things i was selling on ebay. well, no one bought anything from me so, i didnt do very well.

i dont have anything to advertise right now but i hopefully soon will. right now i have some clothing that i would like get sold. i have some tops and also some jeans. I only have a few tops left. small thru large. i have quite a few pairs of jeans though, sizes 6 thru 20W. i will have to double check my inventory on that.

im not sure a good way to get started on my marketing. i guess ill have to find a website that i can link up to this blog. anyone have any advice for me or know of a good place to get started (besides ebay...)? Im a member of Auctiva, but i think i can only use it for ebay. i dunno how all this stuff works.

I'm a college student that just lost her apartment. im moving bck in with my parents and i need a way to brink in some extra cash so i can get out of here! i went from a two bedroom townhouse to being crammed up into one bedroom with my two dogs.... i know, i know. it could be worse. i could be homeless like some other people..

anyways, if youre reading this and need to complete your good deed for the day then please spread the word that i am soon to be starting up my online business. my name is danielle baylor. I'm 21 years old. kinda cute. not begging for handouts. im trying to make an honest living.