01 January 2013


So, went to wash my hair after the 9hr hot oil treatment and wow. My hair was so full of knots!! I just watched as bits and bits of my hair flowed down the drain. Took me FOREVER to detangle my hair.. any growth I was getting is gone with all that breakage :/

Ok. While I'm not going to give up on the daily hot oil treatment, I will not be doing the ghe method with oil overnight. After this little fiasco, I'm not even going to risk it!

Well, off to work.. can't believe I agreed to work night shift. Been laying here awake trying to get a nap, nut of course now that its time to get up I can feel myself wanting to drift to sleep. Figures... smh.

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I have an idea (in a sing-song voice)

Ok, the other day I was in the CurkyNikki.com hair forum (DanielleToday) and I was inquiring if anyone was doing the curly girl and the ghe at the same time. In all this time of doing the ghe, I haven't noticed any significant amount of growth. One respondent informed me I'm supposed to use oil with the ghe method (although, I strongly believe its optional).

Anyway, that's when I had the brilliant idea to do a hot oil treatment everyday. Excessive? Maybe so. I'm going to commit to this for one week to see my results. Its basically what the ghe method is apparently. Putting oils on your hair and scalp then covering with a great amount heat. I really am too lazy to remember to baggy my hair every night, so I'll use the hooded dryer during the day to compensate for my laziness.

Right now I'm sitting here with the queen helene cholesterol hot oil, olive and grapeseed oils in my hair. I am getting itchy around my hairline. Not sure shy I put it on so early (12:30.... yea). I have to work 3rd shift tonite so I wasn't thinking I guess. I'm still not entirely sure what cholesterol does for hair, despite my research. I'm nervous my hair is gonna turn out crunchy again. Although, the original crunch was due to the creme of nature conditioning treatment (never again!!).

I'm actually on day 2 of this hot oil challenge. Week 4 day something with the curly girl method. Hopefully this will give some great results.

Location : 2403-2423 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040,
holysht, that's me!