12 November 2012


I'm very desperate for money. I just started a new job about a week ago. I make 2clams more than my last job. Today, I agreed to work third shift (11-7). I hate working thirds. I'm tired, I woke up about 2 1/2 hours early, and I have class at 830 tomorrow. Ugh....

I'm happy to have another new job. I have bills so far up my ass I'm pulling them from my ears; I just hate being in a situation like this. What choice did I have? This morning, my child was crying for juice and I didn't have anything for us to eat..

I know, once I get that second paycheck, it'll be worth killing myself for. I say second because the first one is a catch up check. I won't actually be able to start enjoying money again until atleast the third check, but by the second, I'll start feeling the relief of cutting down my debts.

I'm hoping I can fall back to sleep for atleast another hour.. I won't be able to sleep again until 11am tomorrow. *sigh*

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My jeans don't fit..

Unlike most people, I don't run out and buy more jeans. Not only am I too poor, but I refuse to be fat. I'm big enough as it is. I don't want to be a bbw or "big boned". So, why don't I just exercise? Cause I'm lazy! Simple as that.

I could have gotten up and worked out an hour ago, but instead I'm in the bed posting a blog.. I'm definitely getting up though and going to do some pilates. It only takes two weeks to notice a difference so if I'd started two weeks ago, I'd be fine right now. Self sabotage.

Here I go, refusing to be fat.

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