09 October 2012

flat twists

Here is a pic of my first flat twist. Well, really my second, but this will count as my first since I don't have any other pictures to show:

Here's the after result.. not bad, I guess.. I could use some practice though lol:

Basically I just, flat twisted toward my face, around my head with two extra at the crown to avoid being flat on top.. I'll probably continue doing this until I get better, or bored with it and decide to move on to something different.

scab hair

Where do I begin? If you know or have heard of scab hair, its nothing to be afraid of.. it doesn't look very pretty, as you can see from my photo, but hair is hair and it isn't permanent.

For those that don't know what scab hair is, basically (and unscientifically) its the hard, frizzy, fuzzy, straight, curless (curl-less?) new growth as a result of relaxing. From my own understanding, and I'm no scientist, relaxers completely change the structure of your natural hair. Think, mutation (chemical X?). It strips and damages your natural hair in order to obtain that oh-so-desirable straight look. Well, we all know the skin and scalp absorb things from the environment, which includes harmful chemicals, such as relaxers, hair dyes, and texturizers. Although we all know we aren't suppose to get relaxer cream on our scalp, if you've ever done one at home and are like me, you probably slathered it right on there, heavy-handed, thinking what harm could be done, then left it on until you were running for some cold water to put out the fire on your head. How many beauticians have told you the longer you leave it on, the better it will work? hmph... Also, if you've never done one yourself, but you've ever had sores or burns on your head after a process, well, you've had the chemicals on your scalp..

When I was relaxing, I didn't know what scab hair was. I just knew that the hair in the back of my head grew in frizzy and fuzzy. When I couldn't flat iron the frizz away or slick it with pomade anymore (usually between 3 and 5 months), I knew it was time to relax, chemically relax that is. Now, my instincts did tell me that there was a possibility the relaxers and heat were damaging my hair, so I did start to take certain precautions like lowering the heat setting on my flat iron, air drying my hair, and relaxing that section of my head last in order to fix the problem. yea, didn't work.

Back to scab hair.. there really isn't a "cure", so if you stumbled upon this blog hoping for one.. I'm sorry. There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you're experiencing this problem too: it will go away. Let me repeat that: it WILL go away. It can take anywhere between 6 months to TWO years for your non-scab hair to grow back in. Read about it here: . I've been transitioning for 6 months now, and on the right side of my head, I am finally starting to notice my curl pattern growing in.. the left, which I have always had more trouble with, is still straight and frizzy..

Honestly, the best thing you can do for this hair, is baby it: condition, condition, and moisturize! This hair is the result of our harsh treatments and neglect. Its growing in this way to protect itself, from us. So, spoil it, love it, and treat it well; eventually it will forgive you and grow back in healthy and curly just as it was intended.

So, if you have scab hair and you want to get rid of it, keep it moist, keep it trimmed, and keep it happy. Before you know it, the hard ends will be gone and you can start worrying about something else ;P
I've been up since roughly 1:30 this morning.. at first I did my usual thing and play around with my phone. Normally, I google about hair, but since I've already almost reached my max for data (yea, hair obsession.. its that serious), I looked at a few youtube videos instead. I didn't check many cause I'm sure that uses up much data too..

Now, unusually, instead of laying in bed for 3hours until I fall back asleep (avoiding internet usage), I got up... big thing for me. I showered, shaved my legs (tmi?), put on a face mask which I was way overdue. Since my hair obsession I've been neglecting my other beauty needs. Gotta find some balance here.

O then cleaned the kitchen, which hasn't happened in a month.... don't judge me. Finally put a light bulb in the dining area. No more eating by candle light, haha. I started on the bathroom, which hasn't been cleaned in... well, I don't remember the last time, but then my babe woke up... now I'm starting to feel lazy again and want to go to back to sleep..
While you're over there passing judgement on me, let me just attempt to justify why Im such a slob. We're not living amongst garbage, rats and roaches here (my mom would kill me), but with my b12 deficiency, along with being a SINGLE MOM, its just physically difficult for me to muster up the energy. When I do get little bursts like this one, cleaning is not on my mind. I want to get out and do something, play with my son, do something fun before that jolt is spent. There have been days I have slept all night, woke up late, but ny the time I walk to the kitchen and make my sons breakfast I'm ready for a nap.. my body feels like its contracting; I get sp sore it hurts to walk.. so, I'm not your typical lazy slob. I do have a medical reason. I am taking supplements but I may need to up my intake cause I'm definitely not feeling any extra energy.. well, I guess for me I am cause now I only need an 2hr nap during the day instead of 5 lol..

Well, guess I'll take a quik nap.. its just 5:30. Still got the whole rest of the day. The dirt will be there when I wake up.