30 April 2013

Mango butter and bentonite clay

For the past fee Wells, I've been using bentonite clay in my hair a my deep conditioner. I mix it with yogurt and honey, my typical deep conditioner.

I suppose my results are ok. I haven't done a wash and go with it so I can't tell the true results.

I keep the mask on my hair for about an hour, usually under my hooded dryer. After I rinse, I do a quick condition and detangle with herbal essences rose hip or whatever from their original collection. Ice never really had an issue with knots, even now as my hair is getting longer, so I can't tell if the clay helps with that. If you read on other blogs, however, people claim it does.

I've started twisting my hair on wash day (which is once a week when I feel like it). Although I have low porosity hair, I now seal my hair with my own hair butter. The dark and lovely one I bought worked ok, I just wanted to use a more natural hair dressing. I mixed together mango butter, sweet almond oil, olive oil, water, and vitamin e oil. There are also some essential oils typo, but I forgot which. I believe rose oil is one though.

Anyway, I don't like to use a lot of oil because it makes my hair super greasy. My hair will not absorb oils and butters, but I still use it to make twisting easier. Also, by the second day my hair is less oily. By the end of the week, my hair is still soft using the mango butter.. My concoction is still a work in progress. I need to find a way to make it more fluffy and light, without adding a lot more oil.. Perhaps more water and honey.

Now that I have a new phone, which I had to go thru much suffering to get, I will try to keep posting in case someone somewhere out there wants to read what I write.

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29 April 2013

The next chapter....

Well, some quick background: I met a guy, my mom died, got a house with the guy, he left while I was at work and now I have a pile of bills to pay. I'm not at all mad that he's gone, only that I wasted so much time and energy, and believed he might actually care for me.. Helped him find a job, let him use my car for months and he practically live for free while I cooked, cleaned, and took care of him :/. Pretty stupid on my part. I opened up a phone line for him which he did not cancel like he was supposed to... My blood boils a bit each time I think of that....

So, now I'm living in a 3 bedroom house I don't need and probably can't afford, but I also can't afford to move. I pay God will smite his ass, but I doubt it. No one that ever crosses me gets the punishment I see befitting..

I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I refuse to let this hold me down. Going to talk to my landlord and hippie they can do something, like send him a bill. I very much doubt that too, but maybe they'll feel some sympathy and let me move into a smaller property or something... Gonna hate to pack all this shit back up though.....

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03 April 2013

Where I've been...

I haven't been updating for the past couple of months for two reasons: 1) my mother died February 15... 2) I lost the battery to my phone while travelling to her funeral.

I have a new phone (unlocked). but I can't really do anything with it i.e. YouTube, Blogger, send/receive media messages.

For a while, I wasn't doing very much with my hair. I just couldn't find the time or energy, but with the loss of a parent a lot of things don't seem very important.

Last week, though, I started back on my natural hair journey. My hair is about 3 or 4 inches now, so I'm starting to relearn how to twist it. I was going to attempt finger coils, but quickly remembered how lazy I am :/.

My hair was very dry for a while, so I started deep conditioning again with yogurt and honey. I've decided with low porous hair, the curly girl method is not for me. I've modified it some; still avoiding cones and sulfates as much as possible. I'm considering trying rhassoul clay to replace shampoo once or twice a month, but I'm on the fence about that.

Currently, my regimen is still simple (naturally, haha): Once per week I use a baking soda mix to raise the cuticle layer of my hair, then I use conditioner (herbal essences smooth collection (the rose one from their old school selection)) to detangle, after that I put on my yogurt/honey hair mixture on my hair then sit under the dryer for like an hour or until I get tired of sitting, after rinsing the yogurt I add either the herbal essences or mane and tail conditioner to wet hair as a leave in then cover with a towel. I just got that naturals product by dark and lovely, which I use to twist my hair up. You know the one with the orange top promising no shrinkage and blah blah blah.. It leaves my hair feeling a little oily, but by the second day my hair is alright. I'll probably continue looking for a new product for twisting. During the week, I just cover with a satin scarf. My hair generally keeps its definition for a few days. This week, I'm going to start cowashing then retwisting in the middle of the week.

I know this update is pretty unorganized and informal, but hey, aren't they all? haha. I'll try to post pictures soon of my hair as I'm coming up on my year mark since my last relaxer. I'm pretty sure it was in May... or perhaps it was March?? hmm, wither way, I'll have some pictures up soon.