28 October 2012

Today, at walmart....

So, I went to walmart to purchase a recorder for my history class. I asked an associate "do y'all have tape recorders?". One pops out from behind some dvds and says "yes ma'am, they're right down that aisle." The other guy says "well, they aren't tape players... they're digital". I didn't quite hear him, but the other guy takes me to the aisle and says "yea, we don't carry the cassette players; they're digital now, but we knew what you meant.."

If I didn't feel like an uncool, mom before, I certainly did then.. I'm way too old for my age lol.

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Things women do...

Laying here with freakin 50 layers on my head for this baggying jazz... ok, I have 2 bags, a scarf, and a tshirt. That's still a lot.

My head feels heavy. I just know this better work. I feel sort of ridiculous at this point, sleeping with walmart bags on,my head... next month I'll add rosemary and peppermint oil. I may as well go all out lol.

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Regimen update

I haven't updated in a while, so here we go.

I've been using the aloe vera and lemon juice mask about everyday. I'm not sure if its helping with the dark spots, but my acne is beginning to clear up. I tried using honey in it, but it made my skin oily. If you have dry skin, I would definitely recommend using it as part of your facial mask and regimen.

I haven't exercised, at all yet. Been so super lazy. I really need to do that today. If I can just get myself started, I'll be alright. Its just that initial push that's hard to get on.. this is also how I know that most fat and obese people are that way from sheer laziness. Trust me, I know how genes work cause I got em. I'm built like a football player; I gained 70lbs while pregnant although I was exercising and eating healthy. I'll never a double zero, but I don't have to weigh 200lbs either (which I don't, just sayin). Exercise helps with hair growth as well, so that alone should be enough to make me want to go run a couple miles lol.

As far as my hair is concerned, I was doing well in the beginning to do the things I said I would, but sort of fell off here in the past week. The only thing I have really kept up with is the watering my hair thing. Now, I do believe my hair has grown, but I can't tell how much or if its just normal growth. I read somewhere that sweat can cause hair loss, so I decided to slow down with the baggying.. in the process, I ended up stopping all together lol. I may try to pick it up again this week. I don't really think that it helped with my moisture problem because my hair feels the same without it and I don't really know if it helped with growth either. We'll see.

One thing I noticed that did help soften my hair is actually a trick I was using while transitioning but stopped after I big chopped. I read that with low porous hair you should apply products to damp hair because the hair can't absorb anything more.. well, my hair was still hard doing it this way, so instead I reverted back to putting pruduct on my hair while its still wet, then seal with coconut oil. This, to me, makes more sense. Water is the ultimate moisturizer, so I need to seal as much in my hair as possible. Plus, my cuticles will be the most open right out of a hot shower.

I've noticed my hair doesn't really care for the cocoa butter. In fact, I may not use any butter, except maybe on my skin. It just doesnt appear to help my hair, although, I was using it with the new method of piling product on damp hair. Feeling my hair right now, ut does feel a bit different using the.soaking wet method, but I also did a deep conditioning treatment yesterday too. I dunno... I probably will stop using butter though. May pick it back up once it gets colder, but with a different formula. 

I've been swishing hydrogen peroxide after brushing as a way to whiten my teeth. I also use listerine hehe. Just started that so not sure how long it'll,take to make a difference. I know everyone says my teeth are so white, but that makes me want to whuten them more cause I just don't think they are.

Well, that what I've been up to as far as my beauty regimen goes. I call it all the lazy girl method, hehe.

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