31 May 2013

Weight loss

Well, I've been taking that Fenfast 375 twice a day for a couple weeks, I think. I dunno, check my last post to see how long its been. Anyway, I really can't tell if I've lost any weight yet. I haven't been exercising like I need to either though. I still have an issue with snacking in the evening though, so the appetite suppression doesn't seem today long I guess..

Recently I started taking raspberry ketones although I have read a lot of not so positive reviews. Its half good and half really bad. I haven't had any adverse reactions so far and they have been helping me not snack in the evenings, so even if they didn't burn any actual fat, they will have helped me cut some unnecessary calories. I like them because I don't have to wait 30 minutes to eat; I can take them with juice and with a meal. If I had to choose only one supplement to take, it would be the raspberry ketones. They are much smaller and come in capsule form, making them easy to swallow.

I downloaded an app called Noom to help me keep track of what I'm eating and the calories I burn. I'm hoping by posting to Facebook, I'll feel more motivated to compete work outs you know with people watching me lol. I'm only allowed 1200 calories a day which is actually harder to do than I thought. I felt lie I'm a healthy eater, but I see I'm definitely consuming more calories than I expected.

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24 May 2013

Update on hair practices

So, here I am in my hair journey. I've berm using that Loreal evercurl system and I like it. I mean, I don't use a lot of products to compare it, but it smells nice, makes my hair soft and feels pretty moisturized.

However, I do wish it gave me more frizz control, but I think that's just the problem with short hair because my ends are showing. When I twist then, my ends are frayed and yes I've tried trimming them. Doesn't help. I'll just have to wait until it gets longer. The length of my hair is fairly smooth and has sheen, but I won't see it for a while.

I've started taking msm with my daily supplement. It's only been a couple of weeks so I can't tell if ours doing anything yet. I think my nails do feel stronger and I have noticed less hair going down the drain. I'd love it if it would clear up my skin though. Starting to do yogurt masks for that, which seemingly made my acne worse yesterday. Anyway, that's a different blog altogether.

I'm thinking of adding horsetail or bamboo silica to my supplements as well. Probably the horsetail. It's cheaper and readily available at Walmart or the pharmacy.

Yes I know hair growth requires patience, but nothing wrong with trying lol. Why not give my head a boost for a few more inches by summer?

Other than this, I'm still pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I wash it once a week then flat twist it. I've started Cowashing in the middle of the week to keep my hair looking fresh, but might start cutting that out. I'm just really lazy and don't want to do any more than I need to lol.

One last thing. I was conditioning my hair under the dryer last night and added oil to my hair.. Detangling has never been an issue for me, unless I use oil! Ugh, I thought I was going to have to cut my hair! If I ever decide to do a hot oil treatment again, sometime slap me. I'm afraid to untwist my hair today because of the amount of knotting I had last night... I will be do mad if I have to cut my hair.

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23 May 2013

Get right, get tight.

Ok, do summer is right around the corner so time to get serious about losing weight.

A couple months back, I'd started using Lipozene, unfortunately that stuff didn't do much but make me poop. I didn't really feel the energy noisy that I wanted and needed to get motivated. I won't say I am clinically depressed, but it has been harder and harder to get motivated since my mom passed.. As my waistline expands though, I know its time to get on it before I get too ridiculous.

I know diet pills are not the solution, but if you have trouble losing weight and keeping the energy needed to exercise like I do, you know the right I one can help. When my ex left, he left behind his Metabolife. I tried them and I actually think they made me gain weight. I had a very nasty feeling on them. Like I needed to be cleaned from the inside out or something. Its hard to explain.. Well, I didn't stay on them long because like I said, I felt nasty and bloated as if I was gaining weight, the opposite of what I want.

There are a few diet pills I've had success on, one being Phentermine. The first time I took it, I lost quite a bit of weight easily, it helped me get into a fitness routine and help with a healthy diet. I was able to keep the weight off after getting off of them until I got pregnant and gained 70lbs.

After I had my son and finished breastfeeding, I went from 210 to 180/90 on my own.. Not enough. I went back to the diet doctor and was able to get down to 165 using Phentermine and trying to run and exercise again. I had to get pdf them though because I ran out of money lol.

I don't know my exact weight, but last I checked I was 177, so we'll say 180. Its been a couple of years now since I used it. These passed few months, I haven't been exercising and find myself snacking uncontrollably, not on chips and candy, but snacking nonetheless.

This time around, I chose a different pill to get me started on losing weight. I found something called Fenfast 375, which claims to be an alternative to Phentermine. I couldn't find too many reviews for it, but I found the product on Amazon, so I ordered it there to avoid being scammed into an automatic renewal system and all that. If it works, then I'll order it again.

I didn't choose Phentermine again, mostly out of embarrassment lol. It would be my third time going in for these pills and I don't feel like listening to a lecture about weight loss. I know how I've gained weight and know pills are not an easy fix, but the right one does make it easier for you to reach your goal.

So, I've already taken one this morning before doing some exercise. I will say, I don't feel jittery which is one of the promises it makes. I feel hungry, but I don't want to eat. Appetite suppression is also one of the claims. Mood enhancement is another, but I will have update on that later.

I'll give it a week to see how things work before I update again. People have claimed topple up to 8lbs in a week, so my goal is 5, although I'll be happy with 3.

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08 May 2013

My thumb ain't green, but maybe brown is good enough

Got my garden done.. Mostly done. Not the best thing ever, but is mine. May as well make the best of my situation and take advantage of this yard, since I'm suck in this house :/.

I put down some sweet and cayenne pepper, honey dew, watermelon, spaghetti squash, and I've got peas and more peppers in my patio box.. I bought Micah one of those hanging strawberry plant bags, so we'll see if that thing grows at all. I how it does for 6 bucks.

I plan to grow some herbs too: cilantro, basil, sage, and lavender. I might try some dill too, but I'm not sure what I'd make with it. I dunno how to pickle anything lol.

Well, bedtime here. Night night!

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03 May 2013

The girl next door.

So, my search for a roommate is on. I've had a few people call and fewer come by to look. One woman is actually staying for the weekend. Yes, its a little strange for a woman I don't know to be sleeping in the room next to my sons, but she paid me 50 bucks and I need every cent I can get. She offered to babysit which is super nice, but I think I'm doing enough having her stay a couple days.... You never know. I can't afford for my baby to get stolen. I've had enough shit happen this year...

If she doesn't show back up next week looking for a place to stay, my search will continue. Really wish the sugar daddy thing would have taken off. I could use one about now, just to pay my utilities... And a few other amenities.

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