12 October 2008

12 october 2008, My first blog

I was advised by a coworker that i needed to start a blog in order to get my items on ebay sold. ive sold one shirt on a separate account but for only 99cents. A triumph and defeat at the same time. So, considering how desperate I am to get people to buy my stuff, i decided to take his advice.

I guess i should start out by introducing myself and give a little background information:

My name is Danielle and im currently living in Clarksville, Tn. Im 21 and attending college. My field of study is radiology. I live alone with two dogs named charlie and lexi. I serve in the Army Reserves out of Nashville. My job is supply in a parachute rigger unit. I love to travel, blog, chat, text, and eat hehe. I also like watching movies, online shopping, and cuddling up with my babies in my warm bed.

The reason im so adament about selling things on ebay is because ive come to rough spot in my life. My now ex boyfriend and ex roommate abandoned me with our apartment so that he could go live with another girl and help her pay her bills. Though his name is still on the lease here, Im pretty sure he has no intentions of paying me his part of the rent.

Now, where ebay comes in. I work in a psychiatric hospital (unfortunately he does too, on the sme ward) but i only make roughly 8 dollars per hour. I have to drive 60 miles a day (two ways) to get to work. Thats a lot of gas. I dont make enough to afford my classes, my books, my utilities, my car payment, my cell phone, groceries, or rent. Not to mention other expenses that like to tag themselves to my other bills.

In my time of need and possibility of eviction, I came up with the brilliant idea to sell things on ebay. Of course i dont expect to make a fortune, but even if i only made enough to get me half a tank of gas, that would be a little load off my back; one half less expense I have to worry about.

Now that you've read my sob story and know a little about me, please, feel free to buy my stuff or just pass the word along. I may not have anything you want, but be considerate of your friends. I may have something they want or need.

My ebay screen name is: DB931.

Thank you for coming.

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