10 May 2009

10 May 09

well, i managed to survive the weekend at work. I didnt have to work with my ex or his new girlfriend so I was pretty happy. I did see my newest ex, which upset me. I've learned my lesson not to date people I work with.

I was leaving work when I saw him sitting in our info booth in front of the building. I was heated. Well, i've been talking to this soldier who had earlier asked me to hang out with him and a few friends in his company. I wasn't going to until I saw Levi (that's his name).. I was pretty tired from being out late.

I'm still waiting on some of my shipments. I'm so excited. I have people looking at my site, which is good. I just wish I could get people to buy stuff! granted I only have two items to choose from.... Two of the things I ordered were out of stock so I'm a little short. Oh well..

That's it for now. I will be updating again, so check back soon! I should have updates on my inventory or you can check my site Danielle Has Stuff for pricing and more pics.

later y'all

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