07 April 2010

the month of march...

If my life isn't just one gigantic roller coaster...

I got fired from my job a month ago, which initially was ok. I hated that job and have been enjoying the time off. DUring my period of unemployment I've been living life and having fun.

For a short while, I became an unlicensed massage therapist. That didn't last long. I was getting tired of the pervs requesting "happy endings". I failed my algebra class, putting a stop to my hopes of enrolling in the Radiology program and moving to Nashville this year, so I am now attending modeling and acting school! What a trade off, huh?

My love life has been, well... I dated a special forces guy for a while, but he did not want anything serious. I started seeing both a doctor and an IT guy for a bit, but neither of those worked out either. Then, out of no where I meet a soldier online and things couldn't be better. It has only been a couple of weeks, but things are going quite swimmingly. He has claimed me as his girlfriend, and like me, he doesn't believe in wasting time. I'm loving it.

Currently I am at the bottom of my money barrel, so I am desperately seeking employment. I just finished some assessment for a temp agency; trying to reach them now before I go in for whatever I am suppose to go see them about. I'm also waiting on a call from a pet store and I'm on the hunt for a mysterious day care center over by the hospital.

I am also trying to come up with a new name for my website. I dont suppose I'll be selling items anymore, but I do like the idea of having my own little space in the cyberworld. Yea, I have a few followers on twitter and facebook, but I want something I can call my very own.

Hopefully, when I update again (whenever that will be), I'll have something awesome to say. I hate talking about all the negative things in my universe. I do enjoy the occassional happy and inspirational moments that occur over a lifetime.

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