18 October 2012

Getting desperate

I'm at Once Upon a Child trying to sell one of Micah's baby things - an activity bouncer center. While I'm waiting, my brain is racking trying to figure out how to make some cash.  Going to go clean someones apartment after this. I hate cleaning. I haven't even cleaned my own place. Money is money.

I just need to figure out what I have that people.want, or what people are dumb enough to buy.. oops, did I say that out loud lol. Side note: a group of 6 mexicans just walked by. Yummy..

I'm loving this economics class. Wishing I'd taken it years ago instead of wasting so much time on that medical path. I do plan to go back to that; I'm not stupid;I know medical is where the moneys at. People are getting older and sickly. Ca-ching..

Anyway, I have to figure something out. Its a desperate world when you can't even get a job at macdonalds.

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