16 October 2012

Moisture mission

Last night, in an attempt to actually get moisture into my hair, I did a simple mask containing baking soda. The baking soda temporarily lifts the cuticle of the hair. With my hair open, logically it is more porous, meaning its ability to draw in water is increased.

So, for my mask, I included my usual yogurt, honey, coconut oil, molasses and baking soda. I've been wanting to try molasses for a while now. I didn't add egg mainly because I'm broke since someone decided to help themselves to the cash in my wallet... and right before the electric bill is due. Hmph.

Left the mask on for maybe an hour. When I was cowashing, my hair did feel super soft. I decided to leave my conditioner on for 30min under the hooded dryer..

I read that in order to close the cuticle, use an acidic solution like aloe vera. I used the aussie leave-in cause one of the top ingredients I believe in aloe vera juice and I figured,.my cuticle will close on its own anyway, let me leave it open long enough to absorb more stuff..

Well, I dunno if my hair necessarily feels softer like the girls from the youtube videos, perhaps because I didn't use the apple cider vinegar. I may try that next time. My hair does, however, feel more moisturized. I can't tell if my curls are more defined visually, but I can certainly feel a difference. I mean, they feel more evident on my hand..

Next time, I'll try using a little in my regular conditioner

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