26 December 2012

CG wk 3, day something.

My mom came up to me a couple of days ago and started playing around in my hair, then she says "ooh, its like super tight coils".. I almost wanted to say duh, but not too long ago I didn't have.a clue what my natural hair was like either.. she then asked me why I don't get those twists in it, which I responded with "because I don't have twists money, nor do I have the patience to do it myself". My main concern now is growth, not style. 4inches is not enough for someone as lazy as I am to worry about styling lol.

Just by looking, I can't tell a great difference in definition, not to say there isn't one, but I can definitely feel where my coils and naps are more clumped and sturdy.. yea, that sounds like a good adjective

In other news, today/yesterday was.christmas. yea, it kinda sucked. Not much to say really, then I went to work. Just getting home now. Too tired to enjoy a self pity party, but feel I should chug down a few celebratory shots since I'm childless for the night.. grr.

Back to hair for a moment, I have been slacking on the GHE. I don't use oils or anything since I cowash my hair practically everyday. I think that's the classic way of doing the GHE. There are a lot of modified ways to do everything.

I guess that's enough for now. I'm tired. 

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