14 December 2012

Potty training/ hair day

Well, today, I officially began potty training my son... so far, um.. well, he peed on the floor next to the potty and dropped a turd on the floor in his room. However, he did pee in it once and he did say poopoo.. he just doesn't want to sit on the potty for some reason. If anyone has any advice or tips, I'll accept it graciously! 

Bought him some pull ups yesterday to use at daycare (along with 4 new conditioners which I will do reviews on later). Those things are such a rip off; the pull ups, not the conditioner. He's been running around here naked and so far so good. Well, good for our first day haha.

In my hair life, I used my fave hair essential, yogurt, on my head wrapped in plastic bags. In that mask I added honey, grapeseed oil, and cinnamon. The honey and cinnamon are natural hair lighteners, but I use them for other reasons. The honey is natural cleanser and humectant for moisture and the cinnamon supposedly stimulates hair growth (yep, I'm still on that kick). The grapeseed oil is a great source of vitamin e, so I thought I'd try something different from olive oil, which I personally don't see the big deal about.

I didnt wash my hair with shampoo. Just the conditioner. The yogurt and honey serve as cleansers, plus the vo5 suds up enough to be a shampoo (although, it is sulfate and cone free, and curly girl friendly). Hopefully my son will be potty trained when I come back for my product review of the suave naturals.

Just a quick note before I go: my hair is so much more clumpy. I haven't noticed my hair being anymore moisturized, but its only the first week of me jumping on the curly girl bandwagon. I really hope this method works for me. I'd love for my curly bits to be more apparent and my afro textured hair to not be so frizzy and dry.

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