08 December 2012

TRESemme professionals split remedy: day 2

Ok, my initial reaction, not so.good, but I'm gonna say, using it for the second time its not so bad.

My hair didn't feel as brittle with it on there. After I rinsed, it wasn't necessarily soft but compared to that first day its much better.

Right now I'm doing the baggying thing again. I haven't done it for a couple of months, excluding the past couple days of the deep conditioning and hot oil treatment. I don't have anything on my head; no product, no oils, nothing. I dried out most of the water, wrapped my head in two plastic bags, then added a tshirt for extra. I want to create the humid environment for growth, but also want my hair to absorb water. ok, that last part is a lie. I just want the humidity to promote growth lol. I'm just sick of short hair.

Yes, there is technically nothing I can do to make my hair grow faster. That doesn't mean I wont try dammit!

Anyway, yea. I think I'll stick with the tresemme a little longer to see how it fairs. I don't plan on washing my hair everyday, I just wanted to wash that gel out before trying something new tomorrow.

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