02 January 2013


I had a date. Amazed? I am lol.

I don't talk much about dating or relationships because, in my case, there isn't much to say. I'm still dealing with "baby daddy drama" BS and really haven't met anyone worth talking about. There is one guy I really like, but due to his personal and emotional issues right now, I've been thrown under the friend bus. Every time he says "I'm glad I have a friend like you", that bus runs right over my chest and breaks my heart just a little.

So, instead of waiting and following him around like a pathetic puppy, I will be his friend who is dating other people. The date was alright. He was kinda cute, tall, kinda funny, good body from what I could see. I'm not sure if its just because my feelings are so strong for someone else but I didn't really feel any romantic feelings. I will definitely go out with him again if he asks though. Its not often a genuinely nice guy comes around. Never know what can become. Plus, he knew up front my hair is short and natural. Accepting that is a definite plus.

I'm laying here now with my plastic bags and knitted cap on my oiled head. I feel silly but forgetting about patience, I want my long hair back! Lol. Its getting there. Hopefully I'll see some inches in another couple of months. I'm thinking for my 1yr no relaxer anniversary I'm going to flat iron my hair. I do like my nappy hair, but I do kinda miss my "blow in the wind type hair" as a classmate of mine once called it.

Well, bedtime. I'm tired and got stuff to do in the morning.

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