07 January 2013

First twist out since Big Chop

What a disaster! I have since put a headband on my head, but this is definitely a wash out situation.

I just wanted to try styling my hair. I was getting bored with current fro and was remembering my big curly fros from when I was transitioning. "This will be nice", I thought naively... I did this number on dry hair (I'm on a new week challenge of not drenching my hair every day). I just misted it with water and suave naturals everlasting sunshine (my new staple) then tried sealing with Shea moisture curling souffle..

Granted, my hair felt smoother, softer and moisturized, it also (still) feels like a sticky mess. I feel like I have less definition than when I let it dry loose. I will say, there were hardly any knots while taking the twists out.

In any case, this style is going on the back burner. For a while. I need more length for this to do and look like what I want. Also, definitely using less, if any, of the curling souffle. My hair literally feels like I poured pancake syrup over it.  Next time I wash, I may attempt a flat twist. Gonna have to look up kinkycoilycurlyme's youtube videos.

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