10 January 2013

Style attempts

Ok, I've just attempted to flat twist my hair since my big chop. The top I actually had no issues with, but the back was still a little too short. If I were more patient, I could probably do some tiny two-strand twists, but chunky is fastest.

After my experience with the Shea moisture on my two strand twists a couple blog entries ago, I didn't use anything on my hair. Just my suave naturals everlasting sunshine (my new leave in conditioner).

Speaking of suave naturals. I'm considering bringing some cones back into my "regimen", which right now consists of cowashing then adding a bit of gel. I dunno though. The "no poo" thing is going pretty well. My moisture level is pretty good, breakage isn't a huge problem and neither are knots.

Perhaps if I change it to low poo. Shampooing once a month. I can't not wet my hair everyday. I tried it for a week... oh, update to that week challenge in the next blog.

Might be next weeks challenge: Using cones

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