19 May 2009

new eBay listings

Even though these items are listed on my website, I decided to put a couple of eBay as well. And even though I have the link to my website on this blog, I am going to blog about my items now being auctioned on eBay lol

Right now I have the plus sized tube tops on there. I only posted 3: two black and one white. Hopefully at least one will sell. I posted them for only 5 dollars. So, I may lost a little money if one sells, but I will at least be getting my products on the market.

In other news, I found a new apartment! So, I and my store will be moving to a new location. I'm not sure how the internet thing is going to work, but ill figure it out. Since the rent is cheaper, I may be able to afford a cheap internet connection.

That's all that I have. If you'd like to take a chance and bid on the top at the super low price, feel free to. I have more in shop but they are running for 12 dollars.

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