01 March 2010


Right now on this lonely, cold, Monday (at least I think its Monday...) night, I want to go on a date. Why are Friday and Saturday the designated date nights? I still work on the weekends (well, when I had a job) and my paycheck was direct deposited on Tuesdays, so it didn't make any difference to me. I've noticed that Thursday is starting to sneak in on the action, creeping slowly into placement.

Am I the only one that is dissatisfied with courtship of the modern world? It seems to me today's media has had way too much of an influence on the way we single people live our lives. Before you start, because I know you're going to, I am not blaming tv and rap music for the chaos that is young America. Its like this: young girls watch those sappy romantic comedies and believe that is the way love happens - she's walking down the street with coffee, his dog gets loose and knocks her over, conveniently he lives in the building across the street so they go inside so she can change clothes (because everyone walks around with a completely accessorized outifit in their clutch), she does something goofy, he says something clever , then they fall in love, they get married. for men: same plot, they go to his apartment, they have sex, he says something clever, in come assassins , a lot of exploding and near nipple exposures, he still has a boner for her so they continue their adventures together .

Maybe the man plot is a little far-fetched, but generally that is what it is. I, being a girl, want that goofy silly love story because I'm a goofy silly girl, but thankfully I have enough sense about me to know that will never happen. I'm lucky enough to see a man a second time around.. I wish I could figure out how to get that Monday date. Monday is the beginning. The weekend is shallow, short, and empty, but a Monday is long; a day for production and surprises. I feel Monday is the perfect day for a date that has promise. The perfect day for those who are tired of short lived, disappointing flings and ready for that every night guarantee.

It just seems to me everyone's expectations are so unrealistic that when I attempt to jump into the dating scene I'm regarded as being abnormal. I guess I am in a sense, weird, because I actually want more than what is currently being offered to me: a drink and a fuck; not necessarily together or in that order... sigh is all I can do I suppose.

It's Monday night. I'm here alone, wishing for my phone to ring.

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