13 October 2012

Beautiful Textures

I just tried the Beautiful Textures curl butter. I skipped using the aussie. I don't think its conditioning my hair, although it does work great for Micah's hair so its a keeper for him. However, I still massaged my castor many oil mix on my scalp.

I mixed the curl creme with the garnier. The line suggests mixing their products for different results, so I used the garnier to help with frizz and the butter to seal and moisturize. On top of everything I added a tiny bit Jam! hair gel with a red top. Its light which is good. I again used the soft brush to try to make my curls "pop", so to speak.

The fruity smoothie scent and the consistency of the curl creme blended well with garnier leave in. After putting everything on my head, it had a white build up or film, but that went away after a few minutes.

I don't know if my hair is hard since it has gel in it, but its not bad. I think its just highly textured because of my hair cut which, I think is also what makes my hair appear dull even though its moisturized.

The butter feels a little oily which could be good for the winter. My hair does appear darker and shiny. Its still wet though, so yea.

I'll keep it, but until I use it more I dunno about buying it again. My hair does feel moisturized. I'm not.sure if it.defined my curls but I'll probably have to wait until my hair longer to notice definition in the back of my head. I'd like to find something that has less unpronounceable words on its product list. I may or may not try the other products within the line since I want something less chemically compounded.

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