13 October 2012

Wave nouveau

This is the result of using the Wave Nouveau..

I sprayed in the Aussie hair insurance to dampen my hair, then added Garnier sleek and shine leave-in. After layering on the nouveau, I used the soft bristle brush in circular motions to help define curls..

As I mentioned, my hair is extremely coily (more springy on top) so the brushing is more for clumping and trying to mask the uneven parts cause I'm not about to attempt twists in 3inches of hair lol.

My hair is softer than last time used it. Maybe the combination of the garnier vs the moisture butter. I don't care for the scent of the nouveau.. smells too much like a salon. I'm really hoping the moisture butter works better because it definitely smells better lol. Plus its thicker, so seems like it'll work better for these upcoming colder months.

Hopefully I can soon start making my own butter. I think I'm going to go for mango or cocoa butter rather than the Shea butter. Every Shea butter product I've tried hasn't smelled all that great.

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