12 October 2012

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A continuation of my last blog ....

Beautiful Textures is a new natural line.. it kinda reminds me of that Profectiv brand... you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, this brand is geared toward "mixed textures": curly, wavy, kinky-coily, and frizzy.

Anyway, I got the Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme. It has an extremely strong fruity smell.. kinda like a smoothie. Its got a thick consistency which is really what I was looking for as the final piece to my product group.

TIP: i suggest having three basic products - a water based, an oil based, and a creme/butter based to seal.. that's not something I read or saw on youtube, that's just my own intuition. Basic logic.

Anyway, it worked great for Micah's hair (for those with mixed, fine -haired kids). It super defined his curly fro. I basically used it to replace the soft and precious cause I didn't feel like getting more. First I spritz on the aussie, then add a layer of my castor many oil mix, then topped with the moisture butter. His hair wasn't super soft like with soft and precious, but meh, it'll do if I dont have to get two different products lol.

My hair, meh. I can't tell right now cause I used the Wave Nouveau too, but I think it'll be a good product.. I was looking for a buttery, creamy sealing product.  As my hair dries, it is starting to feel softer. I'm a little itchy though. Not sure what that's from.

TIP: use one product at a time so that,for instance, if your head gets itchy, you can tell which products you have adverse reactions to lol.

I really don't like that it has such a long ingredients list, but for now I'll keep using it until I find something more "natural". Its got some good stuff in it like olive oil, aloe, coconut oil, mango and Shea butter, argan oil... I don't know what behentrimonium methosulfate is, but considering how everyone talks down about sulfates, its probably not very good lol. With all the good stuff in it though, could be worth ignoring until I get something else.

Also, I want to quickly mention, I have no clue what my curl type is if that's something you base your decision on. Its long and coily on top, but super springy on bottom and sides. So, yea. If you have medium- thick tightly curled or coiled low porous hair like me, then you can try the stuff I'm talking about lol

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