19 October 2012

Facial treatment

I have just found a more productive way to use my aloe vera gel - on my face!

I mixed together a little aloe vera gel and lemon juice, then spread it over my face after a shower. It stung a little, but not too bothersome. Left it on for so.e odd amount of time... 20min? It felt tight, but not do much that I couldn't move it. I rinsed with warm water and can I say, my face feels fantastic! Very smooth and soft, tighter.

Both the aloe vera and lemon have astringent properties and help with acne scarring. The aloe also aides in moisturizing, as we know from using in our hair. Aloe vera also helps with cell regeneration which helps our skin heal scars, perfect to compliment the natural skin lightening abilities of the lemon. Yay! Its recommended use is 2-3 times per week, but my skin is looking super pitiful lately.

I want to find a natural way to decrease dark under eyes. Once my cetaphil runs out, I'll start using cocoa butter to moisturize my skin. Using that in my hair also has a positive affect on my hands. I'm going to tamper with a few things and do an update.

Next, I'll try baking soda as a facial scrub!

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