19 October 2012

Ignorant insults

Last night, my neighbors, the horrible ones downstairs that I'm 100% sure had something to so with my money stolen from my wallet, came home and were angry about something.

I could hear them yelling outside about a no-haired bitch, white guys, and some mention of a gang bang. I'm certain they were speaking about me..

Really, the only thing I want to say about this is, there's a difference between being bald and being deliberate. I cut my hair because I wanted to. Considering both of their girlfriends wear weaves and relaxers, I don't imagine they understand, especially since my hair was both longer and thicker until about two weeks ago.

It hurts a little yea, but I smile because I know what my hair looks like, and I like it. One of my white (well, he's hawaiian) friends was over and before all of that, he said he liked it. In fact, all of my non black friends have told me how much they like my hair and my cut.. kinda sad, actually. Black men are about the only ones with nothing good to say, but all the naysayers only motivate me to keep going harder on this natural hair journey 

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