21 October 2012


I didn't realize if I combed my hair, it would coil back up as it dries. I feel so dumb lol. I've been avoiding combing it to "hold on" to my curl definition. Glad I made this discovery early on. That would have been quite a mess to detangle later.

One thing I've noticed though, aside from that latest bit, is my hair may tangle, but they aren't particularly hard to get out. Even while I was transitioning, I never really had an issue detangling my hair. I suppose I should just count my lucky stars.

Yesterday, I was talking to my grandma about chopping my hair and she said "oh, in a few months you won't even be able to tell"... all I can say to that is, I certainly hope so! To gain an inch+ a month.. *sigh. I know, after some thinking, that my hair grows the average 1/2in per month. Won't stop me from trying to push it to the max! I want a bun, sooner than later lol

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