21 October 2012

Green House

So, I mentioned about watering my hair everyday like a plant. While looking for more info on baggyibg, I came across this blog, care4curls (I'm sure you've seen it) and she's talking about the differences and benefits of the green house effect (GHE) and baggying. In short: baggying is for retention thru moisture; ghe for growth by heat.

You can look up how to do each. As simple as each sound, there are apparently 100 different ways to do each... *sigh. I like to keep it simple, so when I bag my hair, I just rub a little water on it or put the bag on damp hair after a shower. The biggest difference I've seen is with ghe you add on more layers.

I attempted the ghe method for bed, but my top layer was falling off and dragging everything else off my head. I rubbed a little coconut oil, then castor oil into my scalp, then topped with my garnier sleek cream leave in. Tied on two kroger bags and wrapped it with a tshirt. Basically, a glorified baggy haha. I plan to sleep with it because my hair is still incredibly dry. I don't see how or why some females sleep with 20layers on their heads. Four was hard to manage! Lol.

I'm going to do this version of the ghe every night along with my hair watering theory for atleast two weeks to see what happens. If no definite growth results, then I'll probably still do it for the moisturizing benefits just not as frequently. I don't see myself prepping a plastic cap for my hair every night. Hell, its a hassle to find a scarf to wear to bed lol.

On another note, I did my aloe vera lemon mask with honey. My face is so moisturized and soft. I will probably skip honey next time cause its expensive and I prefer it for my hair, whereas aloe and lemon seem more useful for my skin.

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