29 October 2012

Incomplete night time routine

Ok, doing the baggy green house effect thing again tonite. My head is itching around the edges.. not sure if I.should take that as a sign. If I wake up bald around my entire hairline, we know it was a sign lol.

I will say that my hair seems to have grown. I used baking soda yesterday mixed with water and a teeny, tiny bit of conditioner before shampooing with my loreal. I also used fenugreek, sour cream, and squash (baby food) as part of my deep conditioner. Anyway, my "curls" certainly feel more defined. I dunno how they look. I suppose I should start taking pictures. Hehe. Feels softer too; possibly the fenugreek or moisturizing while my hair is still soaked... or a bit of both.

I've been finger measuring, since I can't work a tape measure up there. Its reaching up to the fist knuckle of my index finger, if that makes sense lol. I'll do an "official" length check in november, after a month has passed. Although, it won't really be official til december since I never took a before picture lol. Its the b12 deficiency. It makes me a little slower than the rest lol.

I'm gonna close with: I'm so glad I checked my sons diaper; there was poop..


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