01 November 2012

Still bitchin'...

So, I'm doing the hair baggying thing again tonite.. it doesn't itch as bad around my hairline, but I shampooed my hair earlier. No, it wasn't sulfate free.

I'm starting to get irritated with this process. Why did I cut my hair off?? Why did I get that relaxer back in march?? Nothing I can do about it now.

I'm quickly realizing, I don't have the patience to grow hair. When I say this, I'm moreso referring to those hair growth challenges, like the unofficial one I am on.. for one, they make me watch for growth more anally, and two, it has the whole boiling pot of water theme.. I wish I could stop caring about the length of my hair. If I watched it less, it would grow faster lol. I need to be enjoying the fact that I can wash and style my hair in a matter of minutes and I'm not in the mirror constantly trying to fix my hair....

This first month after my big chop has been so difficult and long winded. I thought school would make it seem. quicker, but not really. I dunno why I'm trying to rush myself into detangling sessions, styling, and all that mess.. judging by how nappy it is (yes, I used that forbidden word), I'm gonna have a whole heap of trouble. These slinkies are so tight you really can't tell. Like a slinkie sitting up, fresh from the box and undisturbed.

I do want to add very quickly, that.coconut oil is my best friend. I can go from pan to hair to body with this stuff, its great. It seals, penetrates, moisturizes, refreshes. Its great. I'm probably going to try some different essential oils soon, particularly rosemary and peppermint (you can guess why).

I mostly just wanted to vent about my hair. Starting next month, I'll probably post my daily hair routine in a week-by-week format.

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