09 October 2012

I've been up since roughly 1:30 this morning.. at first I did my usual thing and play around with my phone. Normally, I google about hair, but since I've already almost reached my max for data (yea, hair obsession.. its that serious), I looked at a few youtube videos instead. I didn't check many cause I'm sure that uses up much data too..

Now, unusually, instead of laying in bed for 3hours until I fall back asleep (avoiding internet usage), I got up... big thing for me. I showered, shaved my legs (tmi?), put on a face mask which I was way overdue. Since my hair obsession I've been neglecting my other beauty needs. Gotta find some balance here.

O then cleaned the kitchen, which hasn't happened in a month.... don't judge me. Finally put a light bulb in the dining area. No more eating by candle light, haha. I started on the bathroom, which hasn't been cleaned in... well, I don't remember the last time, but then my babe woke up... now I'm starting to feel lazy again and want to go to back to sleep..
While you're over there passing judgement on me, let me just attempt to justify why Im such a slob. We're not living amongst garbage, rats and roaches here (my mom would kill me), but with my b12 deficiency, along with being a SINGLE MOM, its just physically difficult for me to muster up the energy. When I do get little bursts like this one, cleaning is not on my mind. I want to get out and do something, play with my son, do something fun before that jolt is spent. There have been days I have slept all night, woke up late, but ny the time I walk to the kitchen and make my sons breakfast I'm ready for a nap.. my body feels like its contracting; I get sp sore it hurts to walk.. so, I'm not your typical lazy slob. I do have a medical reason. I am taking supplements but I may need to up my intake cause I'm definitely not feeling any extra energy.. well, I guess for me I am cause now I only need an 2hr nap during the day instead of 5 lol..

Well, guess I'll take a quik nap.. its just 5:30. Still got the whole rest of the day. The dirt will be there when I wake up.

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