06 October 2012

where am I?

Hmm, wow. Like digging up a tomb.. Well, I won't bore anyone with grave details of the past year, but here's a quick update: Still single (big surprise, right?), back in college, unemployed... (again? Yes, long story), and I'm transitioning to my natural ends resulting in a slight hair obsession (seriously, I think I failed my classes last semester because of this disease)... speaking of diseases, I've also learned I have a b12 deficiency. Yippee! One which costed me 200dollars to learn about.. another yippee. So, things never seem to be getting better, despite my efforts, and my rent is a week late because although i am now finally receiving child support I have to wait on the damned state to send it to me and of course its a fucking holiday. The mother fuckers told me they would put it on that ridiculous debit card I got in the mail. Grrr... I cannot wait to get off the child care assistance so my son's sperm donor can pick up the bill and the army will send my portion of his check straight to my account. I have bills to pay and my baby needs clothes.. Now, before you jump down my throat read my next update about my baby drama then you can judge me for my angry black woman attitude. I do have a few good stories to tell, but they will come in due time along with a new blog front, and a new approach to the business owner thing..

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