07 October 2012

product junkie? um, no.

looking at my last blog entry, apparently the enter button does not make a line break from my phone.. my bad.

I really just want to talk about hair for a minute.. as I mentioned in my last entry, I'm transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. for those that don't know what that means: I'm growing out my nappy roots.

I'm a lazy, penny-clamping DIY type of girl.. Standing in Target in the "ethnic hair" care section proved that. All the different products, names, ingredients... this one is African, that one is organic. This product contains olive oil, while this one over here has coconut and hibiscus.. then there's neem, carrot, mango, etc..some from Jamaica, others from Haiti (but all manufactured in Texas?.. hmm) I was overwhelmed! Last time I was in the black hair aisle, my choices were: blue magic, doo gro, and motions lol. OK! maybe it wasn't that long ago.. haha.

When I saw a tiny bottle of some randomly named "natural" shampoo for 30 bucks, it was in that moment I knew I was NOT a product junkie, nor was I going to be a product junkie. I quickly turned around, grabbed some L'Oreal Reconstructive Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioner and headed for the register.

I want to, for just a minute, talk about the ridiculousness of all the natural hair product hype.. that probably doesn't make much sense lol, but I know what I'm trying to say. I have been getting away with using "white" hair products for years. Yes, yes, I know I'm still going thru the transition so most of my hair is still straight, but I just can't bring myself to spend 40 dollars on a 2.5 oz bottle of shampoo. I looked at the Carol's Daughter Transitioning Kit.. Nope, couldn't do that either. Comes in pretty box though..

I did try the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie in the pink tub, but that stuff made my hair so hard.. It smelled bad too.. I've since read a ton a good reviews for it since trying it though. its kind of a shame it didn't work for me, but I did save myself 10bucks.

Hmm, originally I just really wanted to talk about my hair, but somehow this turned into a product review lol.. Alright, I'll go with this..

I've tried the Cantu grow strong, pomade, and intensive leave-in before I was consciously transitioning. Meh, they were ok, but probably not something Ill get again. Kinda made my hair feel dry and greasy at the same time.. The pomade worked great for when I was blow drying and flat ironing my hair. Yes, it has petroleum in it, but hey, there is no perfect product lol.

I'm no naturalista or whatever (at least I don't think I am (whats a naturalista again?)), but I think the best natural products are just regular old oil and water. My family has been using that base and they all have long luscious hair. I don't know my hair type and got tired of trying to figure it out, but I find castor oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil all work great. mix in some water and aloe vera gel and BAM! you've got a moisturizer, detangler, and sealer in one.. YAY for the lazy girl! The more aloe vera, the better detangler.. add more castor oil for heavy sealing, and more jojoba and water for something lighter.

Hmm.. another blog entry!

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