08 November 2012

Documented week 1

Day 1:

I have figured out why my edges were burning the other night: baking soda. I used some tonite and I guess I didn't rinse it all out along the sides.  Its not as soft as before, but it really defines my coils, curls, naps, whatever you wanna call it. 

Day 2:

My hair wasn't very soft this morning, but Micah's wasn't either so I think its just the weather thing. I'm experimenting with pomade. I used my garnier leave in conditioner since it makes me hair feel soft then some coconut oil over the top. After it dried a little I swished some pomade thru it. I still need something to moisturize my hair. Water just doesn't seem like enough at the moment. I need more jojoba oil. I think adding that to the coconut oil will help with sealing in the water

Day 3:

Today, I haven't done anything to my hair. I was at a party last night so I was too tired to do much of anything. Plus, I had so much laundry to do. I don't really know what the pomade did for my hair, if anything. So, that experiment went no where I guess..

Day 4:

I decided not to wrap my hair last night. I noticed my hair is shorter around the back and sides where my scarf sits. I have a satin pillowcase, so I'll see if sleeping on that alone will do anything. I think I'll do a deep conditioning treatment today. I need to wash out the pomade and stuff. I've got a package of dr miracle under the sink.

I dunno if I'll completely give up on the pomade, but its probably something to save for when my hair gets longer.. on that note, as my hair does get longer, my kinks, coils, curls, naps, whatever you wanna call them, are becoming more apparent. Wish I could figure out how to define them. I'd like to sport a less fuzzy fro look, and more of a coily curly look. Youtube and google hasn't turned up much help....

Bought the organics replenishing pak deep conditioner instead and a surprise purchase, Luster's S Curl Activator Mousturizer.. I went looking for a curl definer, but saw the word "mousturizer". It wasnt even 3 dollars. I thought about getting the care free curls (the yellow bottle). I sprayed a little on my hair before I washed it, and my hair did feel soft and noisturized..

Day 5

I made another purchase: Shea moisture curling souffle which i will do a full review on later. It seems like something I will hold on to. Glad I didn't look at the reviews for it beforehand. I had to play around with it, but I think this stuff is going to help while I'm in this short hair phase. I didn't wash my hair, just wet it, then sprayed in the scurl before wrapping my hair in a tshirt. After that I added a very small amount of the Shea moisture at a time and swished it thru my hair. Still need to make some adjustments to the process.

Day 6

So, this morning I woke up and my hair feels strange. Not in a bad way though. It feels greasy, but its not greasy. My hair actually looks darker with a sheen instead of the usual light brown and dull. The wavy, loose curls on the top of my head actually have some form. I can't see the back of my hair, but I'm sure its still fuzzy. The fuzzy I don't mind as long as my curly parts aren't all frizzy. I like it. Its got kind of a wet and wavy look. Wish my phone took better pictures. I don't feel like my hair needs anymore product. Just rubbed a little water on it and its good.

Day 7:

I didn't have to wash my hair, which was cool. I rubbed some coconut and olive oils on my scald, rubbed some scurl thru my hair then sealed with the Shea moisture curling souffle and the africas best olive miracle cream.. not bad. I will say, my hair feels like it has a bit of build up, but its definitely not as dry and dull. Probably going to use less of the curling souffle during the week and just add scurl and a little cream

I had to wash my hair. I wasn't feeling to producty feel on my hair. Well, all I did was soak it in conditioner, put a plastic bag over it while I ate dinner, then rinsed in the shower. I rubbed my oils on my scalp, letter it dry some; massages in A LOT of scurl lol, let it dry some; then rubbed thru the curling jelly and cream together in my hands then thru my hair. Going to sleep without the scarf.

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