21 November 2012

Grapeseed oil

Wow... so, I got some grapeseed oil from krogers and wow. I used some on my skin after a shower and it spread on so smoothly. My skin is so moist. Greasy, yes, but that's normal and will go away in a couple minutes. a little bit goes a long way too. Learned that lesson haha

Deep conditioning my hair now. I mixed grapeseed oil, a touch of coconut oil, fenugreek, baking soda, and I mixed some vo5 tea therapy  and loreal evercreme conditioners (both sulfate free.. well, I don't remember seeing sulfates listed on the vo5 when I looked before and I'm too lazy to look again).

About to use a little grapeseed on my sons hair to see how it does. His hair seems to absorb anything and everything. For this reason I say he has good hair. To be able to use anything and everything in mine. To go from straight to curly with ease. Hair like his is waisted on men.

The Next Day:

Ok, so Micah's hair is a bit drier than usual, and so was mine.... hmm. I'm not going to completely dismiss the grapeseed oil from our hair quite yet. I will probably only use it on my scalp or do some more experimenting because my hair doesn't typically respond well to oils anyway. It did feel super soft after I rinsed the deep conditioner from my hair.

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