29 November 2012

More naturals.

Ran into a newly natural girl at work the other night. She definitely embraced her natural hair better than me. What I mean is, she big chopped back in may, which is when I stopped getting relaxers. Her hair seems much longer than mine, but she had it clumped, which I wish my hair would do.

She described her hair as 4c which looked nothing like mine.. then again, I never really suspected my hair was 4c except sprinkled throughout my head.

She suggested I try ecostyler gel with olive oil.. so, I guess I can try it. I would like a good styling product. Her hair felt hard, possibly from the gel, which is definitely not what I want. I mixed the Shea butter curling souffle with a little Jam gel and it seemed to work alright. I put the garnier leave in cream in my hair first while still wet, then mixed the jam and jelly together in my hands and rubbed it thru my hair. I used my soft brisstle brush to help pop some curls out by running it thru my hair in circular motions. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but she said she does that too.

She has a youtube page, but I forgot what she told me. When I find out, I'll post it. Very sweet girl. She has kind of a baby voice like me, so that made me feel more comfortable, like "wow, she's a lot like me"..... except tall and thin lol

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