16 November 2012

Sour cream

I've decided to switch from yogurt to sour cream. I use it more in my cooking, so I don't feel like I'm wasting it if I don't use it in my hair. Its basically the same as yogurt, but much thicker (and tastes better, haha).

For my hair mask, I mixed a few dallops of sour cream, 5 capsules of fenugreek, coconut oil, and honey. Normally, I add an egg to my treatments, but I'm low on money right now. I prepooed with Dove daily conditioner, rinsed then rubbed baking soda and lemon juice with a little water over my hair then let it sit for a few minutes while in the shower. I rinsed my hair for just a few seconds, then pat my hair dry.

Next, spread on the hair mask. It should be good and thick. I covered my head with a kroger bag, a target bag, and a towel. I let it sit for a couple of hours. I dunno the exact time frame. I thought about sitting under a heated dryer, but thought that might not be a good idea, you know .with the dairy sitting on my head lol.

Im actually still sitting here with the mix on my head. I'm gonna rinse, then wash with my loreal conditioner or one of my vo5 conditioners; possibly tea therapy. After that, I'll pour some black tea over my hair; I haven't done a tea rinse in a while.. its actually chai black tea. I bought a new brand and its disgusting. I was using green tea and lemon genseng, but I need a better use for this nasty chai I got.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing right now. I'm starting to notice a little growth. Its not significant, but its there. Hopefully within the next month or two there will be a greater difference as I reach my three month mark from my big chop. Probably be better if I tried harder to take care of it. I'm starting to notice knots in my hair but I'm too lazy to comb it. Doing the finger comb thing while I'm washing it, or during the day but apparently I've been missing some spots..

also, gonna try mixing my garnier leave it with the Shea moisture jelly stuff. Hopefully that will produce good results. The scurl really only seems to be working as a second day product, like after my hair has already fully dried, as a way to revamp my fro

Alright, better get moving. Supposed to be giving a massage today.

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