12 December 2012

Greek yogurt mask

I'm back. I'm sitting under this dryer with my yogurt mask on while my babe is asleep. Most recipes don't require heat, but I'm using it.

I decided to try greek yogurt this time. Mainly because I couldn't find a small cup of plain at Krogers. I also mixed in one egg, a bit of olive oil, honey and 3 capsules of fenugreek (I only used half of one of those small cups by the way. Still in twa phase, remember haha).

I'm probably not going to shampoo. I dunno yet. If I do, I'm going to use my loreal sulfate free reconstructive with the conditioner. No, it isnt cg (curly girl) friendly but it works for me so I'm keeping it. The only bad ingredient in it is mineral oil towards the bottom of the list.. I guess I could try the suave naturals rosemary mint conditioner. Suave naturals has had pretty good reviews.

I want to say real quick, if you're going to use heat, don't use a lot. I mean, if you're using egg you risk cooking it on your head lol.

Hours Later...

My hair is well on its way back to softness! You see what product junkiness can do to you? I should have never steered away from what works..

Unfortunately, I did get bits of egg in my hair but I'm not worried about it. I opted out of the shampoo. The vo5 is sudsy like soap so I figured it can clean my hair good enough. Plus, I just shampooed a day or two ago. I did use my loreal rosemary mint conditioner though.

I incorporated one of the curly girl principles, applying the conditioner to soaking wet hair and leaving it on (I used the vo5 cause its thinner), then dried with my tshirt. I squirted on my leave in (olive oil, conditioner, and water) then sealed with my garnier sleek and shine leave in.

I've noticed my hair is starting to clump up without effort. So, I'm guessing my curly/coily bits are responding well to the cg method. I'll update more on this in a few weeks: does the curly girl method work on black (type 4) hair?

Location : 2403-2423 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040,

holysht, that's me!

Location : 2403-2423 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040,
holysht, that's me!

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