12 December 2012

A new transitioning phase

I've been evaluating my hair a lot lately.. I went from not caring to suddenly being obsessed all over again..

After some research, I decided to give the curly girl method a try. I'm not doing it hardcore right now. I'm simply "transitioning" into it by slowly eliminating cones from my products. I'm not tossing that big bottle of tresemme yet!

What I am doing is using it as my prewash prior to using a light amount of shampoo. I mean, no doubt the split remedy has greatly improved my level of breakage. I have virtually none right now.

Gel isn't helping my hair, the leave in (infusium, which contains dimethicone) definitely wasn't helping, so obviously I need to try something new. Its been 2 or 3 days and everyday I adjust it. last night I used the vo5 moisture milks as a leave in. I added it to my spray bottle as well. I dried my hair with my tshirt, then baggied it up for the night.

The frizz is still there but I'm not doing it full force. My curly buts do seem more apparent, but I dunno about moisturized. I still have to implement the weekly conditioning treatment. I bought the yogurt last night and will go back to my yogurt honey and egg treatment. My hair was much softer then. Granted, it is winter now, but no excuse! My hair should be soft and soupple at all times! Lol, jk

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