11 December 2012

Hair typing, again....

I ran into the natural girl at work. (youtube is younique098... I think). We started talking and she called my hair 4c/4d. I've never heard of 4d before that moment. I don't disagree with her, because I most definitely have afro textured hair, but looking at the hair typing charts, I have all the patterns on my head. Just looking at that chart I found on some website today (I forgot already. I'll edit it in later), I definitely range from atleast 3c to 4c.. well, I suppose 4d too, whatever that is.

I'm still not really swayed by the importance of hair typing. I know my hair is frizzy and afro textured with lots of little curly, coily bits and chunks thrown in. Anyway, nothing important, just saying. She seems like a nice person and I a little jealous that her hair seems to keep a style. Mines just a fuzzy, cotton ball.

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