07 December 2012

Initial Review: TRESemme spilt remedy conditioner

Ok, I couldn't stand it any longer. I must say something about this tresemme conditioner...

Ok, good points: light, pleasant fragrance. Thick, sort of.. um, got it on sale for 2.99 at walgreens.

Ok, now for the bad: it had mo slip at all. My hair kept knotting up the whole time. I rinsed and my hair felt worse than after I rinsed out my vo5 which I used as my prepoo. Ugh. So I added a more generous amount, as the instructions stated. Left it in a bit longer, maybe 5 minutes. I thought maybe it could be working.. I rinsed, plopped, removed my tshirt and... crap. Well, hold on. My curls did look more defined but my hair felt very horrible. Matted, dry even though it was wet.. so, I proceeded to add the queen helene cholesterol hot oil treatment. I've used that product while relaxed and had great results. Anyway, not about that.

I will continue to use this, just in case it does help with my ends. It is NOT a good moisturizing conditioner or detangler, but it'll take a couple uses before I'll know if it helps strengthen my ends. I dunno about dry, but after rinsing my curls were more defined which is a plus. After one use, I'm not considering purchasing again, but I will give it a fair trial.

I really don't have very damaged ends, but preventing them is a key in length retention I think. If you're considering this product and go by hair types, my hair ranges from 3b to 4c, with about an inch of relaxed ends at the top.

I will be doing more reviews in the near future and might start doing some youtube videos soon as well.

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