29 December 2012

White men, black hair

So, I was with my white guy friend earlier and he was sticking his finger in my hair. He said, "I'm trying to see if its grown any." I laughed and pulled a few strands and said "you have to do this to see how long it is." He just looked at my hair and said wow lol.

I didn't go into great detail, but I did sort of explain that my hair is like a slinky. Its incredibly curly, so its going to shrink up looking shorter than it really is..

He started to ask me about some styles, but I explained to him that I'm lazy and will probably sport a fro most of the time. He says he really likes my hair. He likes how it frays out at the top and the constant "unkempt" (my.words not his) look. Before anyone gets offended, my hair is very unkept lol. I cowash, detangle, then toussle thru some gel.

Ok, I'm tired. Got work in the morning, blah....

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holysht, that's me!

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