15 January 2013


I recently put on 15lbs, which is opposite of the direction I want to go. Weighing in at 178, I had to get serious about losing weight. I refuse to be huge.

While I do know what it takes to lose weight, I opted for the "easy" way. I saw a 2fer pack of lipozene for 20 which is why I picked it up at walmart over the hydroxycut.

Anyway, I can definitely say this stuff is curbing my appetite. Not only do I not want to eat in my mind, but food itself makes me nauseas no matter how hungry I am. I do feel like I have slightly more energy as well.

I honestly believe lipozene has helped me to lose 3lbs last week, however, its not without side effects.. the slight anxiety is a nuisance, the nausea is a little off putting and the unbelievably toxic gas can be polluting.. these though are all barable. The real complaint, the issue I just cannot deal with, the one thing that may force me to toss these pills to the wind is: the unpredictable bowel incontinence!! I have shit myself like 3times!! Twice last night in bed :/... I mean, its usually following a long round of fogger, but that ain't good.

Are 3lbs really worth shitting myself?? I just don't know... I am desperate to lose weight, but am I really? I wear white pants at work.... that won't end well.

I'm in my second week of taking lipozene. I've definitely lowered my dosage to 2 per day vs the instructed 6 capsules (2 capsules 30 minutes before meals, up to 3 times per day, although the most I took was 4).. I even skip days just so that I can eat and get relief from the bloating, cramps and poisonous farts. 

I'm thinking about it, hard. More than half of this blog was typed up from my bathroom during another episode of violent diarrhea. I will say this much, if you try the lipozene, invest in a butt plug or depends and always stay within 2yds of a toilet lol. People that say these pills don't work couldn't have been taking the same ones as I am: not only can I not eat, I've been shitting out anything that does happen to enter my mouth almost immediately.

I'll update more on this, be it that I quit taking them or ran to my local pharmacy for some padded protection lol.

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