16 January 2013

Flat iron.....

I dunno why, but my flat iron was really calling my name tonite. I wanted to wait until I was a year in, but thought I'd just try it out.

Let me just say, I'm not even halfway thru and I now remember why i cut it in the first place. My arms hurt and I was very bored.

A few notes: definitely should have bothered to detangle beforehand. My ends are a bit knotty. Next time, i will try washing and blow drying too before I attempt this again. The top half is pretty smooth, but the ends are looking rather frayed. The "curls" settled at the bottom where I was holding it straight so the heat just glided over them.

I used grapeseed oil as a protectant, because I didn't have anything else.

I won't say this was a fail, just incomplete since I didn't even finish. I'll try it again in a few days. Maybe. I'll put some rollers in for the finish. My hair still, obviously is not at the length I want so maybe I won't bother with it for a few months.

I may try twisting it tonite though after I wash my hair. I do need to practice flat twisting.


Nah. Wash and go, you are my friend lol

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