03 June 2013

Weight loss journey, week 2: raspberry ketones

I feel like I've been dieting for longer than a week.. I don't know why this time is so hard, but it is.

On a positive more, someone brought in fresh baked doughnuts, but I made it out of the building without even a lick! I'm not really a sweets person, but soft, warm, freshly baked glazed fights are hard to pass up! I'm feeling accomplished.

I've lost 2 or 3 lbs this weeks, which makes me happy. I honestly do not believe the weight loss is from the Fenfast 375 diet pills I started taking nearly 2 weeks ago. However, the raspberry ketones may be the culprit.

From what I have read online, there had been no human study of raspberry ketones, but in rats it did show fat burning abilities. I've come across, not many, but testimonials for different raspberry ketone products unfortunately not many for just the plain supplement like I'm taking. The reviews are about half in half negative to positive, and a few neutral (no weight loss). The positive results are promising: quick weight loss and appetite suppression, which is what you desire in a diet supplement: fast results for what you're using them for. The negative results though are quite alarming. I'd type a skeptic about anything, you should most definitely read ALL sides of the ketones argument. Well, really everyone should. The adverse reactions to the ketones are pretty serious, even sending done people to the emergency room mainly for high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, I strongly recommend you NOT try raspberry ketones. I am NOT a doctor or nutritionist, but friend to friend, this is probably not a smart thing to do.

Most of the people taking the raspberry ketones supplement, I've noticed, are taking a brand of done sort marketed towards weight loss. I wonder if these people with the negative results are taking a general, plain supplement or the diet pills. The problem with purchasing the weight loss marketed pills vs. the pure ketones, besides bring overpriced, is many of those pills are quickly constructed in labs simply to keep up with the fad. Some of them, such as those from internet companies, may have filler products in them to "stretch the batch" so to speak. Some are scams which you don't know what is actually in the pill (like with this Fenfast 375).

I would not suggest taking the ketones that are combined with other substances because you won't know what in the supplement is causing the adverse reaction if you come to have negative results. There are a lot of ketone diet pills that suddenly sprang up after the Dr Oz episode, so outers hard to know what's what. I would check out your local vitamin and health store for a pure version of the raspberry ketones. I bought mine from Walmart for like 5 bucks because I'm cheap and I didn't want to lose another 50 bucks for something that may not even work (ehem, Fenfast 375).

I don't believe I'm going to order another bottle of the Fenfast 375, I am, however, going to finish the bottle I bought just in case it is helping me to lose weight. About 2 weeks in and I don't really feel ad if it is offering me what I want in a weight loss supplement. I don't feel any appetite suppression, in fact I was snacking just as much before I started the raspberry ketones; and I hate taking that big pill 30 minutes before eating because then I'm sitting there waiting to eat. I like taking the raspberry ketones because they're smaller and in capsules so they're easier to swallow, I only need to take one and WITH a meal (I take one to two with each meal that I remember to), and they're a lot cheaper and can be bought at the pharmacy vs a sketchy online website. I feel between the ketones and watching my intake with the Noom weight management app, I'll do well to lose some weight.

Well, time for some pilates, then I need to wash my hair. Just got two new conditioners that I think work well together and with the Evercurl products.

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