09 March 2014


you know, I claim to live by the old saying "live and let live".. recently, thanks to some encouragement from a new friend, I've finally decided to submit myself to the truth.

I'm often remembered as the girl that "marched to my own beat" and didn't seem to care what others thought... so often I've preached to others to do what feels right and fuck everyone else. I've allowed people to believe I don't give a shit, when I do. I've always cared which is why I've always kept myself hidden. I need to own up to the fact that I'm a hypocrite.

I support everyone and everything they do; I have so many gay and bisexual friends, yet I've never said a word. I've just allowed everyone to assume I'm straight, all while trying to convince myself that I'm merely a straight girl wishing to be gay rather than a gay girl pretending to be straight. how can I call myself an honest person? how can people trust me when I not only lie to others but to myself?

just a little self rant. time to begin a more honest life..

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