09 February 2010

Another night.. Another shot

I've been reflecting on my life as of yet. I don't know if it's this movie or the vodka.. May be neither considering I do this often. Tonight, Ive been thinking about more than my usual shallow, pointless "why me? why cant i find a man" obsessions. I am seeking new employment. I NEED A NEW JOB!!

I like my job at Western State, I do. I am just so sick of starving and not getting my bills paid. I love my crazy, schizophrenic and psychotic patients, but I need more. To me, this job is something I'd do for my own volunteering pleasure, not as a career. Well, maybe if I was a Nurse or a Psychiatrist of some sort. I don't desire to be either.

Watching Adventureland, while not made in the 80s, makes me want that much more to have lived fully during that decade. I can just relate to this movie and dost others about the despair and turmoil of being a teenager between phases of life. I was meant to live during this time period. I am absolutely miserable in the 21st century. The 90s sucked! The 2000s suck equally, if not more.. The 80s, freaking awesome. The movies were great, the music were great, the clothes AWESOME! I was born just a few years too lte for sure.. I also believe I would have n easier time finding a man had I been born earlier. Men these days do not understand women like me, and vice versa.

Well, I believe that is all for now. Can't wait for my next blog. Valentine's Dy is right round the courner. Hate that stupid, Hallmark-ready holiday...

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